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is there a plan to create video tutorial like this -> but for few simple games step by step? I know that there is a few geat examples in forum but in my opinion game developing is much complicated than creating an app and I have trouble to understand game development process.


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@Erel I agree, I saw what you have uploaded, but how do we create game using the XUI2D Tiled and B4A?


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I completely agree to the idea of video tutorial for game creation. It would indeed help as the other video tutorials..


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Well actuall not needed like that.

I will tell you how I did it and where it is best to start:

1) take the Tank-Example which is the easiest to start
2) then change the TiledMap behind, modify the bodies inside and add some own bodies
3) check the commands and the behavior when changed to a different value
4) see the tank movement (left right and screen clipping etc)
5) change the tank it self by own graphics or sprites

6) go to Clumsy Bird example for sprite animation
7) check for parallax effect and how it is done with the background

8) go for Walking Character example for how collisions detection is done, later may be the Mario Example

9) Check the Joints Example how joints are done. Add new different types of joints
10) build a Rag Doll with Tiled and Joints
10a) check the Collisions Example to avoid the shaggy situations of the Ragdoll

11) add some brain, play around and ask questions here in the forum.

12) google the internet for information like the Box2D manual.

13) try to build an extreme simple platformer
-> make a Tiled Map, put your world in there.
-> Tileset and pictures
-> characters

-> setup your world by copy and paste the Tiled code in your project

14) make your characters move around in the world

15) try to add more items by code or change the once you brought by Tiles into your world

16) don't assume that you are creating a milion dollar game at the beginning.
17) just add more complex items features. It is only your sandbox for spoil yourself.

so, this is your homework for the weekend. ;)

And keep in mind to avoid "If you have a hammer, then everything looks like a nail!" (Box2D is not a solution for everything)
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Good point!

I begun with point 8 and you're right: it's easier to begin with the tank example (otherwise, when I begun to read the Games XUI2D posts, one of the first examples was Walking character ;) )

At 12) also see

P.D: I lost several hours with a wrong TileMapEditor version --> json couldn't be read from XUI2D class