Android Question Use B4A bridge with a vpn

Like many in this period I am working from home connecting in vpn with the company network.
Via remote desktop I access the machine on which I have installed B4A.
I would like to be able to connect via B4A bridge or other way the android device that I have with me for debugging operations.
Is there a way to do this?

Albert Kallal

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Well, the bridge assumes that both you and the computer are on the same network.
So, you spool up a VPN on your computer, but you would THEN have to also spool up a VPN on the phone for this to work.

I do in a number of cases using a VPN on my phone. I'm lucky, since the one case is the company uses forte-client. And there is one for android.
So, if you have a compatible VPN client for the phone, then this could certainly work. I would think it going to be somewhat "slow", but it certainly a possible.

and I suppose you could use the emulator on that remote machine. And for "some" tests? Well, then just email the apk result to the phone - assuming that developer mode (and allow of installs is turned on), then you could transfer the application to the phone for some tests. But a VPN will work - the phone will thus just have to be attached to the same network that B4A is running on. All in all? I think getting B4A up and running on your computer would be the best approach here.

Albert D. Kallal
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Probably is what you're already doing..
Develop on your remote VPN machine then copy the code to your local installation of B4A and use the B4A bridge or USB to test the code on your local phone/device.
This will be soon become boring and unpratical if you are in a error/correction/test/error loop.. but could be ok for the "assembling" (or the creative) stage.
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I just tried what was requested but when doing a pptp vpn over 4G the bridge doesn't see this as a valid wifi connection and only shows 'not connected to wireless network'.


when you try to connect B4A to the IP it connects just fine and you can run your app to it.

you need to go through some dialogues tho (install/open)
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