B4J Tutorial [Web] BANano + BLE

Hi, I'm trying to learn BANano and I want to share a bit of what I've learned so far, any suggestion or comment is welcome.
Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I'm just trying to learn.

This is an example of connecting to Bluetooth (BLE) through the Bluetooth Web Api supported by some browsers (more information here -> Web Bluetooth API - Web APIs), for which I have used BANano + Javascript.
For my tests I don't have a device with BLE, however I was able to use my iPhone using this app -> My BLE Simulator (You do not need to use this app if you have a device for testing)

Because I have not been able to upload the complete project to the forum due to the size (3M) I attach the link to Dropbox

If it has been useful to you, I hope you tell me. ;)

Edit: Another version has been uploaded (download here), includes read services and features.
Captura de pantalla.png

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