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I built a POS system in B4J and I am planning to release a desktop windows version very soon.
I have modified the application (protection flow) a lot recently.
Previously I created a Beta version but not many are interested to test and give me feedback, except some good friends I know. I want to say thank you.

I (wasted some time) created a demo version activation server. Beta user need to register with email to activate my beta application. The license actually generated offline. This look bad so now, I scrapped it.

Now, I want to allow potential customer to "evaluate" my software before buying. So they need to go to my product page, register as new user and click "Request Trial".
Once downloaded my software, they need to input their email and password to continue. This will make an API call to my new version of activation server. The server check if this user have registered and requested for trial and then send back the response to activate the trial which will last for 63days.

For the product license, the user need to make an order. I made it maximum 3 orders per user right now. I will get a notification through email and I can click on a link to activate an API to approve/activate the license. Once approved, a serial number will be issue to the customer by email.

I understand I can use the Release (obfuscated) compilation to make the code harder to read by certain level of hackers. I also can hide some String values if I put the variables in Process Globals sub.

I have read some threads in this forum discussed about software protection (especially for B4J apps).

Since I am a small company (indie developer), I wish I can use free tools to accomplish the protection.
or I should take Erel's advice not to worry so much?
If you add your server to the solution then you will be able to move some of the logic or process to the server.

With that said, I think that developers shouldn't worry too much about software piracy at early stages. There are enough things to worry about :)

For now, my app can work standalone without connecting to a server. I make an optional package which is a cloud reporting server. It has a dashboard similar to the backend but can be accessed through web browser. This will be useful for business owner checking their business progress anytime, anywhere even after business hours. It also act as a backup service. A B4A version can also be build in the future if there is a demand.

In 2023, what advice would you give to me, who is going to release my very first commercial B4J software to the world (I mean in my own country first)?

Should I use Proguard or any other tools?

How about selling the software very cheap but focus on the sales of the cloud reporting services (SaaS)?


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Look at it from the small shop point of view. They are busy. They do NOT have the time or patience to TRY anything. They search for POS software and see a LOT of options. They are going to go with what looks most likely to work for them at their price point and looks like it will be the EASIEST to learn.
Make sure your web site lists everything your program can do for then - CLEARLY.
Do a a demo video that explains your software CLEARLY (and quickly).
I can't tell you how many programs I have looked at over the years that only got two minutes of my time because it was just not CLEAR if the software could do what I want, and I am not going to waste my time downloading and installing something just to find out if it will suit my needs.
On further thought. Make it EASY for potential customers to contact you with questions. This will do two things.
1. Let you know what questions you need to answer on your web site.
2. Maybe tell you what you need to add to your program to get the sale.
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How about selling the software very cheap but focus on the sales of the cloud reporting services (SaaS)?


after decades... i can only say that there is no only one way... to sell your product...

You can have a standard price include anything (a big price)... and a fixed year service price...
You can break the routines and what will do... starting from a small price... and a medium year price too
... You can have year price only... or by month but this is something difficult for small business like us... to check and ask for money... even it is by email and auto-activation codes...

Or you can have all of these as options... when selling...

There is no magic way to say what will be the success selling product way... it's just what the client want...

In Greece a cheap price for a POS-Invoice system (only software) is 100€ (~100$) without vat (24%) for every year
(having cloud backups, working online, and have many extras)..
These companies also take from 50$ to 100$ to only setup once and train a person for 1-2hours...

The same POS-Invoice offline and a price for ever installed... can be at ~1200$... but there are POS-Invoice at a price of 500$ too.. and lately more simple systems for invoice at 150$...

Do not forget that exist open-source POS-Invoice... CMS/ERP
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