Android Question What functionalities in your app require SMS permissions?


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1/ SEND_SMS permission is used.

Sub Activity_Click
    Private rp As RuntimePermissions
    If Not(rp.Check(rp.PERMISSION_SEND_SMS)) Then
        MsgboxAsync("We need SMS permission.", "Important info")
        Wait For Msgbox_Result (Result As Int)
        Wait For Activity_PermissionResult (Permission As String, havePermission As Boolean)
        If havePermission = False Then
            ToastMessageShow("Sorry, can't continue, press button to try again.", True)
        End If
    End If
    Log("We have permission")
End Sub

Sub Activity_PermissionResult(lpermission As String,lresult As Boolean)
End Sub

2/ What to select in google play console?
App is getting refused/removed from App store.
Almost all check box was tried. and they keep refusing


=== Android started like Apple now ===

Core functionalities : What functionalities in your app require SMS and Call Log permissions?

Default SMS handler
Default Phone handler

Default Assistant handler

Transactional backup and restore for users and archive for enterprise (time-limited/non-continuous)
Enterprise archive, CRM, and device management

Caller ID, spam detection, and blocking

Connected device companion apps (for example, smartwatch or automotive)

Cross-device synchronization or transfer of SMS or calls

SMS-based financial transactions and related activity where access is restricted to financial SMS transactions (for example, 5-digit messages)

SMS based money management

Proxy calls

Services - Carrier

Services - OEM

Device Automation

Physical safety / emergency alert apps (e.g., senior safety)

Call-based OTP account verification

Using SMS_CB_RECEIVED for customer communications (e.g., Smart Zone Cast service)

Write and Show Call History in Dialer

In-vehicle hands-free use or projected display

Anti-SMS Phishing


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forget play store for distributing apps that include sms. no longer allowed except for so-called "default" apps. yours is not a default app, and it's virtually impossible for yours to become one. if you want to send an sms, you have to use an intent (from your app) to the device's default sms app.
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