What Was the Worst Habit Programming Wise You Got Rid of Since You Joined the Forum

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by Mahares, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Mahares

    Mahares Well Known Member Licensed User

    I have several bad habits, but I will cite one to give other a chance at voicing theirs. Mine is : In debugging an app, I was always using MsgBox("Erel is a genius","") instead of Log("Erel is a genius")
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  2. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    I still forget that there is a debug feature to find bugs. I think I have spent a long while with a 'release' app trying to find an issue whilst with debug then the error is picked easily. I still need to cut my subs into smaller chucks.
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  3. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    What Was the Worst Habit Programming Wise You Got Rid of Since You Joined the Forum?

    None; I just take new bad habits, I never lose my old ones :D:(:(:(

    These are both wrong :p
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    My wife will agree :)

    I recommend all developers to watch the video tutorials. They cover many common mistakes and try to promote good practices.
  5. Mahares

    Mahares Well Known Member Licensed User

    Although the answers in this thread are humorous and light-hearted as they should be, the main focus was to get a cross section of bad programming habits members had when joining the forum and what was changed to get rid of them.
  6. Dabzy1978

    Dabzy1978 Member Licensed User

    I'm the worlds worst at backing up stuff!

    Over the years I've had tons of little prototype programs sitting there, and just, well, lost them, then only to think to myself one day if I need something "Oh, I have some code that'll do that", look, and its nowhere to be seen.

    I'm like that in real life too, I'll have some bits of timber in the shed, they'll be there for weeks, and I'll be like "They are taking up room", so will chuck them out... Only to need them a week later, and have to trundle down to B&Q and pay for new stuff.

    I recommend to everyone, dont be me, back all them little routines or test beds up on the odd chance you'll need them, cos its more then likely, you will!

    And I say that you know, but I'll never learn myself, I'm my own worst enemy, I do promise myself I'll look into some sort of version control, where I can upload stuff to my VPS, which I've had for donkeys, and is the best place really as its for next to nowt, I just I never get around to it.

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  7. leitor79

    leitor79 Active Member Licensed User

    Maybe writing long subs is the bad habit? :confused:
  8. Dabzy1978

    Dabzy1978 Member Licensed User

    Sometimes in some languages, you end up with a lib/extension that doesn't play nice with the integrated debugger in the IDE, which is an absolute pain! I've done the odd Linux app and something works in Release mode, yet, plonk it into Debug (Or vice versa) and bosh "Segmentation Fault", and thats ya lot... And your sitting there thinking "Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? For the love of collie dogs.... Whyyyyyyyyyy?"

    Another bad habit I have is if I've wrote a bit of code, that doesnt work as expected, and I start fiddling with it (Or generally just expanding an existing routine), I implement daft little variable/member names, e.g. x, thing, whatsit

    And before I know it, I've finished a routine with all these stupid identifiers, think champion and move on and forget to change them to something more specific... Roll a few weeks later and I need to edit the code and I'm like "Eh? Whats that do again? *scratches head while reading the whole lot*" :D

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  9. Beja

    Beja Expert Licensed User

    I use StartActivity(BugPoint)
    That activity contains a panel with EditTextBox, on it the string "Bug Point"
    and a button to close it. It works.
  10. KMatle

    KMatle Expert Licensed User

    I first jused ONE single activity in B4a for everything (including several screens made out of panels) :D
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