What's your "Like to Post" ratio? :D


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446 posts, 367 likes, so I'm not as warm and cuddly as you are Wonder. :)


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i dont really think that likes count or says something about the member professionality
allmost every forum POST gets 4-6 likes and the post is about "i am now on vacation in PARIS" = 7 likes, i am now drinking coffee = 3 likes or i am now picking my nose = 2 likes...

but if someone gets likes for sharing great libs or any codes and also help other to solve their problem like lot of guys here (Erel, Informatics, DonManfred (who got recently 2000likes, i belive 100 from me :D), LucaMS, klaus, agraham, NjDude, thedesolatesoul, stevel05, and other great members) then those likes count.

BTW: 1470/539 ;) (i belive most likes i got are by mistake :D)


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Thank you so much, Ilan!! I'll be working on it later on today.
The Bulldozer project wouldn't have been remotely possible without the help of this great community.
Every time I hit a development roadblock, you guys were always there to help me! :)
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