iOS Question Where to find b4i equivalent library to b4a? And how to know what functions are in each library?


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Hello all,

Just started with Anywhere Software. I have read through all of the docs for B4A, B4i and B4X - they were very helpful!
I began with a B4X project for both B4A and B4i in mind. The B4A part is done and works. Now I have to get the B4i part working.

I am having trouble finding a list of equivalent libraries and/or functions that work in B4A to use in the development of the B4i app. For example, the B4A app has the following code:

Private Sub B4XPage_Appear
'    #If B4A or B4i
        B4XPages.GetManager.ActionBar.RunMethod("setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled", Array(True))
        #If B4A
            Dim bd As BitmapDrawable
    '        bd.Initialize(AxcysLogo)
            B4XPages.GetManager.ActionBar.RunMethod("setHomeAsUpIndicator", Array(bd))
        #else if B4i
        #End If
        Dim cs As CSBuilder
    'Sets the Icon first, then the text.
'    cs.Image(LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "AxcysICONWhole.png"), 32dip, 32dip, True)
'    cs.Append(Chr(160)).Append(Chr(160))
'    cs.VerticalAlign(-8dip)
'    cs.Append("Axcys Touchless Entry")

        'Sets the Text first, then the Icon
        cs.Append("Axcys Touchless Entry")
        cs.Image(LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "AxcysICONWhole.png"), 32dip, 32dip, True)
        B4XPages.SetTitle(Me, cs)
'    #End If
End Sub

1 One problem is finding an equivalent of B4A Libraries for use in the B4i code -Where to find this documentation?
2 Another problem is how to know what functions/classes are contained in each library?
For example, how to find the equivalent of this code, but for B4i? Dim bd As BitmapDrawable

I'm thinking there *must* be a list of these *somewhere*? The only list I stumbled upon is

Can anyone tell me where to find information on these kinds of things?
Also, I searched the forum and google but could not find a book on B4i. I did find and buy one for B4A, which has been extraordinarily helpful, but no such luck on b4i. Anyone know where to get such a beast?

Thank you!



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Don't look for equivalent libraries. Look for similar features. The first place to look for something is by searching the forum and don't think twice before posting a question.
BitmapDrawable for example is something that you should rarely use. There is no "home button click" event in iOS. Clicking on the top left label goes back to the previous page. No need to write anything for this.
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