Other Will the "Firebase Realtime Database" never be available to the B4X community?


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Since B4A was made available to software developers, the somewhat complicated Android world became much easier to handle and made it possible for millions(?) of developers to create and publish Apps.
This lightweight and effective tool plus the helpful community ensured the best prerequisites for high productivity in this field without the need to know everything about the all those technical details of the ecosystem on Android devices.

Over the years more and more mobile projects needed online functions to support social networking or collaboration of tasks.​

But each approach via file transport or use of some server constellations has the hassle to ensure server availability, database connections, user access and group administration, database altering/scaling/backup, data recuperation after transaction interruptions, secure access, hosting for databases and files, etc. etc.

This is where @Erel came to introduce us a suitable product to participate in the extremely useful collection of Firebase services...​

The Firebase team did a fantastic job to make the complicated online world available (for free) to the vast majority of developers and to overcome the timeconsuming learning of all neccessary elements and their interactions.
It is a real big timesaver to have one SDK for Authentication, FileStorage, CloudMessaging, RemoteConfiguration, AdMob, etc.​

Now, there is only one real big Firebase element missing: The Realtime Database.
@DonManfred did a fantastic job and was very diligent to provide us with this library.​

Although the wrap of the original library works for the most part, a few parts are still missing, but they are extremely important. Testprojects are here and here.​

As I understood @DonManfred's answer to @johndb here it is a huge challenge to cope with the work since there are some unsolvable technical obstacles to overcome.​

As one Google Firebase engineer noted here the code of the original SDK is available here but it takes JAVA knowledge to work with it. But it is easy possible to look into the Firebase Quickstart App via Android Studio for those who are interested.​

So here's my question to @Erel and the other JAVA gurus in this community:

How can the Firebase "Realtime Database" made be available for the B4X community?
Due to the immense benefits for serious mobile developers I can well imagine that the library can also be sold as a commercial product or as a chargeable lib like @Informatix 's great UltimateListView.​

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