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In VB there's something called an enum type. It's really just a long.

VB example:
Public enum DEMONAME
end enum

B4A example:
enum DEMONAME(demoval,demoval2,demoval3=3,demoval4)

It would declare demoval,demoval2,demoval3,demoval4 as longs with the values: demoval=0, demoval=1, demoval3=4, demoval=2

And whenever you start typing in a parameter or select case of that value, the intellisense dropdown would be filled with those values.

Jost aus Soest

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Yes, that would be nice.

Till it's coming you could use a code module (e. g. DEMONAME) with Int-vars (e. g. demoval, demoval2, demoval3, demoval4) to have a similar experience (but of course without intellisense help for the enum type).

Remember: VB-Long ~ B4A-Int


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+5 Essential.
The workaround using instances of types is seriously painful when shared across multiple code modules and especially when they get larger - I'm trying to deal with dozens of enums some of which have 30 to 50 members.


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Also the constants would be very useful.

I think that implementing Enums and Constants is particularly difficult; otherwise, Erel certainly would have done from the earliest versions of B4A.

You can implement a sort of Enum using classes.

I have developed (right now!) a small and careless tool which allows you to create an "enum" class.

I used B4J, so it can be installed almost anywhere.

The problem is that it takes up about 1.671kb (zipped) so I can not attach it.
(Source code 8k, layout 3k, compiled 1.821kb! :))

A solution to this, Erel? [P.S. I do not have clouds]

lm Enum Class Builder.gif

Two notes:
1) the code is automatically copied to the clipboard:
2) I write a lot faster than it looks in the gif :D

Maybe I solved (I created an account. I hope that the file is available ... and that only it is available :)).

dropbox link
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LucaMs is your tool still available? I get a 404 when I try to download it.


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Right; but this is not a new discussion/question, I just have to write:

Nice and useful, thanks @LucaMs :D

(about 4 years ago :(:(:(. At that time b4x did not even have constants; and b4j did not have its classic b4x Designer, only Scene Builder!. Perhaps not even Regions).

It's time for b4x enums (impossible?).