Android Question Your automated publishing to Google Play will stop working


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I've been running beta testing on an app for a couple of months, without any issues. I don't think anything materially has changed.

Yesterday, this warning message appeared in the Play console

ACTION REQUIRED: Your automated publishing to Google Play will stop working on December 1, 2019
Your app is using an old version of the Google Play Developer API. From December 1 2019, versions 1 and 2 of this API will no longer be available, and any calls to these versions will fail. Update to version 3 before this date

It's not the clearest thing in the world; am I doing automated publishing? I'm uploading a release and clicking a button which doesn't seem very automated to me. Has this only appeared because I've moved from beta to release, because that's the only change.

As far as I can see, everything should be up to date - I've been keeping things up to date with the SDK manager, and building to target api level 28. There's no in app billing, either.

As far as libraries go, the Google-related ones that I'm aware of are AppCompat 4.00, FirebaseNotifications 1.21, FusedLocationProvider 1.31, possibly Geocoder 2.01

So, what needs updating to make this go away?