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What are you using B4X for? What have you learnt along the way?

My B4X Story

So i discovered B4X (B4A) in 2012. Actually i started building my first App using Eclips and after few days working with it but i always looked for a way to use vb code creating my first Android app. But could not find anything. I was really surprised that microsoft did not offer such a possibility back on this days. So somehow (i dont remember how) i found basic 4 android. I felt in love with it in the first minutes so i downloaded the trial version and purchased the full version within few...
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My story

Without making this a book, I'll try to keep it short. In the mid 70's I was in college trying to earn my masters in automotive powertrain engineering. Along the way I decided that there might be a future in these new fangled computers, and that they might find their way into cars some day. So, I branched, and ended up with a bachelors degree in software engineering along with my masters in mechanical engineering. Fast forward to the early 80's and I was working with CP/M and MP/M software...

My B4X History

I have been in electronics and programming since I was a teenager. In school I learnt a bit of PASCAL and FORTRAN.
Then I made a search around and choose "C language", and I made some money out of it.
In 1999 I moved to a farm and I am a hobbyist since, although I don`t have much time left to hobby.
Then I saw my disappointment grow with all that MS spyware, bloatware, s***ware and the like.

Android came in and I wanted to "play" around with it.
I started with JAVA (Eclipse, etc) but I...

My history about B4X

Im Alejandro "Alejivo" con social media, i started programming on my 13 yo when i found an forgotten program called qbasic on the win32 folder of windows98, after it continue with Gambas on linux. After school i got a degree on system analysis plus one in business management and now i'm studiying to get my certificate of qualification in capital markets, as i recently discover that love financial systems.

What are you using B4X for?
To build the app front-end as freelancer and create...
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A hopefully not too long story

I will try to keep it short. My first experience with computer programming was in 1982 with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. After that with Commodore C64, Amiga 500/2000/4000 and later with PCs with Linux and Windows operating systems.
On the mobile side I started 1992 with a Psion Series 3a, later 3mx and Revo. Later I switched to my first Windows mobile device, an Asus A696 Pocket PC and that was the starting point with the first B4X Tool: Basic4PPC.

What are you using B4X for?

For me B4X...