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What are you using B4X for? What have you learnt along the way?

Using B4X to develop a mobile app to display LiDAR maps

I started off programming in the 1990s with the 68000 assembly language on the Commodore AMIGA. Some of you might remember the demo scene back then. The hardware was fixed and there was quite some competition between coders to get the most out of the Motorola 68000 microprocessor, clocked at 7 MHz.

Later, I decided against a career in game development and studied mechanical engineering. I got my PhD and co-founded a company specialising in vibrations in machine tools. Those vibrations...

The Power of B4X

I don't know if anyone made statistics regarding how many percent of a language we use.
I remember "upgrading" my Sinclair Spectrum computer to the Atari XE. The hardware was fabulous, but the built-in Atari Basic ruined it for me after the incredibly intelligent Sinclair Basic.
Then came the Atari ST with GFA Basic, which was another very intelligently written language.
Then Delphi, which is also a clean language, but there the programmer started drowning in it. There were endless...

looking for industry products based on B4X

Hello All,
My name is Yaniv Hanya, and something like year ago I decided to move to B4A on a project I build. I’m a very experienced developer for win apps and web, but the new project include a IOT device that connected to smart home device. The device consist on a tablet, running app that I built with my team, and they control a minilab chip controller.

I choose B4A after trying Xamarin, and Unity, with unsatisfying results, and because the great connectivity of the "frame work".

Now the...
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So impressed with this product

A few months ago I started using B4A as I was looking to create a phone app for myself and my programming background is mostly in various forms of VB. After decades of using Microsoft IDE's it was refreshingly easy to get familiar with the B4A environment and once I discovered just how much capability it has, I was sold (and made a donation of course). The most striking thing though is how fast it is to do pretty much everything compared to what I was used to.

The advantages of such a...

Meine Story als Programmierer.

Guten Tag! :)
Ich möchte euch kurz mitteilen, wie ich zu Basic4Android gekommen bin.
Zuerst etwas über mich, ich bin ein Programmierer der jahrelang Windowssoftware mit Visual Basic.NET erstelle.
Da ich nun auch Apps für Android Smartphones programmieren möchte, habe ich mich auf die Suche gemacht, welche Sprache ich dann am besten lernen sollte.
Weil ich ungern Java oder C# lernen wollte und schon Visual Basic beherrsche,
habe ich mich deshalb für Basic4Android entschieden.
Vor allem...

B4X Starting over

I have no training in programming, coding. I just use my common sense and the crystal clear tutorials.
In about 2012 I once made a game in B4A and placed it in Google Play.
Now i resumed programming in 2021. Much is new and that takes some getting used to ...
It is now really B4X.
How beautiful it is. You program in B4J. Run and test in Windows until you are satisfied.
Than you already have your Windows app.
You only have to adjust the screens in B4A. In Android you have to deal with many...

My B4X story

My story goes back many years, when DOS was still mostly used. My first commercial application was made in Clipper for the purpose of inventory management in a material warehouse with barcode support.
FoxPro and DBase were still popular at the time.
Then Windows operating systems became increasingly important and it was necessary to adapt to this. Somehow I started with MSAccess 2.0 at the time because it allowed a lot of creativity. The first application was intended to print reports on...

Why I like B4X

I have attached a non-trivial example of a cross platform (B4A and B4J) application that uses many cross platform techniques and focusses on a selectable and an editable B4XTable. I am posting this example in the spirit of "Why I like B4X!" rather than following the suggested template.

1. There are over a 1000 statements in the attached example, but only 8 "#if B4A #else if B4J #end if" sections. All 8 sections are one or two lines that affect how things look on a smaller screen.

2. The...


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Accidently sold an B4J app

Actually I use B4x as a hobby (I'm working in an it department for decades). So I didn't want to spend time to do support for other companies. By chance I had a contact to a company (german fashion association) which wanted to replace their Word-macro which creates pdf invoices. It took several ours to run and wasn't handy at all.

So I started developing on my couch for 1-2 hours for 3 days or so and presented the app to them. The runtime decreased to less than 7 secs and I added some...

What brought you to B4x?

When I saw a statistic about programming languages today, I asked myself why I am still with B4X for so many years.

Since my first steps on a CBM 8032, first as a hobbyist, later professionally, I always had to deal with languages that didn't need semicolons and curly braces.
Over the decades, there were always enough media communities to help one to successfully serve the interests of the superiors.

Of course, one was always ridiculed by the object-oriented gurus because of the lack of...
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ImageTrans - New blog post by xulihang

Praise to resumable subs

I feel a bit ashamed..but yesterday after several years of b4x use I finally understood the power of resumable subs. Before I never got really to the thanks! That s so good.
Just after the revelation i made a donation...o thought it was something good to do...happy xmas to all.

We are suffering from stormy disasters from the East Sea

Hello everyone, these days we Vietnamese people are suffering from storms and storms coming from the East Sea towards the mainland, causing floods and landslides.
This is my application made by B4A, which has contributed a small part to help Vietnamese boats and fishermen
Thanks Anywhere and Erel, Biswajit, Johan Schoeman and all members (So sorry, because only Vietnamese)
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Comparison with Xamarin Forms app

Xamarin Forms (XF) is Microsoft's cross-platform environment for Visual Studio/C# developers.
I thought it might interest B4A users to see a comparison of build statistics.
The comparison is based upon a test app created in XF that simply creates/uses a SQLite database
and presents the data in a scrollable list view. The B4A app is the DButilsDemo available here.
Both apps are very skeletal and the data set is tiny for both. In short, they're very, very similar.

XF vs B4A:
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It's good to be back.

I published my first app using B4A in 2017. It was a vehicle tracking and security app that worked with a device you can get on amazon. It uses SMS to communicate with the car and covers ACC, DOOR, MOVEMENT etc alarms. Unfortunately, Google eventually pulled it when they no longer allowed apps to interface with text messages. However the publishing was a very proud moment of mine. I used three vacation periods to complete the app and it took over a year. I have consistently followed B4A on...

My story with the B4X

My story with the B4X started at the end of 2013 ...
I was trying to learn about programming, I had just left the army and I needed to find a career to follow, a direction for my life ...

I started reading a book about apps how to make money from them, I got a lot of inspiration from this book and started trying to create apps.

I found it very difficult at first, because I had no knowledge of logic and nothing related to programming.

(remembering that I didn't complete school, which made...

Share your B4X story forum

This is the place to tell the community your personal "B4X story".

Feel free to post anything that you think is related to your B4X story.

Guiding questions:

What are you using B4X for?
How did you discover B4X?
What were you using before B4X?
What have you learnt while developing with B4X?
What are your future plans with B4X?

It will allow us to better understand our customer needs and it will allow all of the community to be inspired from your story.
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B4A vs challenge 2, and what was the final result after about 1.5 days???

Hello all,
I'm not sure if anybody remembers this, but about 3 years I was issued a challenge by one of my friends who is an Android app developer for a company, he challenged me to create an app against him and the loser would have to pay for snooker or a curry when we went out next, suffice to say that I won that particular challenge by about 50 minutes, I even had time to walk to get some shopping before he finished his app using Eclipse.

The dreaded rematch:
Yes, 3 years later my...
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Not Really My Life Story

I have been on the Forum about two years. I read about B4R from Nuts & Volts Magazine. Fred Eddy wrote a few articles about B4A and B4R. I was impressed with B4R after reading a couple of his articles. It seemed easy enough to learn and I was amazed at what a few lines of code could do. I was also interested in the ESP8266. I use to program Microchip PIC controllers in assembler then later C. I still do on occasion. But the power and simplicity of B4X is truly amazing when compared to MPLAB...

B4X and others

Several days ago I got a 3 days nightmares, I hired by a customer to customizing his paid woocommerce Flutter android app using Android studio, I 'm starter for Android studio & flutter "I know flutter & worked with samples greatly", I entered endless problems for the app's environment setup, then entered in the app itself customization problems & in at the end the app was 50% webview! the app developer himself when we ask him about problems he told us try to googling hahahahah. I exhausted...