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B4A-Bridge source code

B4A-Bridge is made of two components. One component is running on the device and the other is embedded in the IDE.
The device side is the server side. It waits for connections and when a...


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Webview & File.DirAssets - Enough Already

a code module provided by member Ivica Golubovic allows you to continue using...


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Capture volume keys events while app is in the background

Could some Java guru kindly convert the following codes into B4A code for me, if possible, please? I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm looking for a reliable solution as a background service...

B4A Book Now Covers Version 11.20


I am happy to announce that both the paperback and electronic versions of the B4A tutorial and reference book “B4A Rapid Android App Development using BASIC” by Wyken Seagrave have...

[B4X] AS WheelPicker PlusMinus Example


This is an example project to demonstrate what is possible with the beautiful ASWheel. From version 2.0 it is possible per function animated (also possible without animations)...


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Word wrap paragraph text to specified maximum characters line length

We needed to do some word-wrapping re: this thread and figured I may as well post my tawdry effort in case anybody else is looking for ideas 🍻 or code to hang s**t on 🤣

It has some niceish...
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Exploring the b4x UltimateWebView with SithasoDaisy, #TailwindCSS + #DaisyUI UI Toolkit


This seeks to document my experiences of the UltimateWebView and the newest Sithaso Holdings UI kit, named SithasoDaisy, a TailwindCSS UI kit built on top of BANano + B4x.

Well, this is my...

LatLong To Timezone

I was looking for a code to know the timezone information from Latitude and Longitude coordinates and I found the code here LatLongToTimezone but it is written in java so I used it in...


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[B4X] [BitmapCreator] Cross platform Falling Sand game


The main challenge here is the performance. All particles are updated if needed and redrawn every cycle.

The Particles...


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Running B4A and B4J under Linux with wine - fully functional

I have just managed to install B4A and make it run (including B4ASdkManager) on my Xubuntu 18.04 and, since I have lost two days and one night putting things together, I thought it will be a good...
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Run B4A in Ubuntu 19.04

1) sudo apt install -y wine winetricks

2) winetricks dotnet452

3) wine B4A.exe
Screenshot from 2020-02-22 22-40-04.png

4) winetricks
install windows DLL or component
Screenshot from 2020-02-22 22-33-34.png

5) right click icon B4A...

[B4X] [B4XPages] Barcode Reader


B4A + B4i barcode reader.

Don't miss:

- #PlistExtra in B4i.
- Manifest code + #AdditionalJar in B4A



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[B4X] Using/running B4A and/or B4J on 64 bit Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon with 64 bit Wine

Pinch Zoom and Move View tutorial

[Class] Pinch Zoom and Move View

I had the need for my purposes to do the Pinch Zoom in contemporary Move to a View, now I put my code available to anyone who might be in need, just to get...


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App Bundle - Steps to updating Existing App (apk to aab)

This Tutorial is for those who already have an existing application in the play store that is APK and want to switch to App Bundle (AAB) which will become compulsory in August 2021.

Steps for...
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[B4X] WebView + CKEditor (rich text editor)


This is a cross platform example that adds CKEditor rich text editor using WebView: https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-5/
Make sure to read CKEditor licensing and pricing...
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Valid EAN13 Barcode String

Generate random valid EAN13 barcode string:
Public Sub BarcodeEAN13() As String
    Dim brcod As String = Rnd(100000000,214000000)
    brcod = "950" & brcod  '<<< change the beginning 3...

[B4X] RSS Viewer using xCustomListView


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[B4X] JSON crack - Visualize your JSON as a diagram

Here is a nice tool that visualizes the JSON like a diagram. Pretty cool.


Understanding Network security configuration

Every developer must understand this article if developing any kind of network communication app.

Android os recent versions put end apps users privacy at the heart of its platform, the network...