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Splash screen

This is the code:
'Activity module
Sub Process_Globals
   'These global variables will be declared once when the application starts.
   'These variables can be accessed from all modules...

Press button makes a spinner (in)visible examples


For those who wants this activity to implement in their own project,
there are two versions of examples available to choose from.
One from Kickaha (many thanks) and one by me.



  • SpinnerVisibility by Asmoro.zip
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  • SpinnerVisibility by Kickaha.zip
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Can you continue a program line across editor lines?

in some langauges you can do something like

a=1000 _
  + 50

So _ means "continues on the next line"

Is there something similar in b4a?

Help library reference

I'm trying to make a app with "phone events",
ex. get the number of incoming call into a textbox
ex. is phone ringing ?
iex. is phone idle ?
etc, etc

I'm missing some kind of library for...

Pong - a game


I have attached a little game. It's the old Pong.
At this time I still have no Android device. (Christmas will be soon :sign0060:)

Could someone be so nice to test it on a device and...


  • pong.zip
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Access any database or system with B4AServer

Users who are not familiar with B4AServer project should start with this tutorial.

It is sometimes much easier to access data from a desktop than to access the data directly from the...

Hello World - Video example

Adding Background or image file top activity

I am new to this forum, I have just installed the IDE.
Congratulations on the ease of use! Having messed around with WinDev for a while, which costs a fortune compared to B4A I am...

How to get out of a loop

I have several lines of data like this in a file

When I enter a point number...

two dimensional database/reports

Hello Everyone,
wants to have a two dimensional database.
Is it feasible using the great DBUtils by Erel.

the table should look like this...


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.net error when starting b4a

When I try to start B4A, I get a .net error that says

"Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application"

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling .net, but that didn't help...

Data Type and Range

Where do I find data range for B4A;
List from VB.


Cannot sign apk with valid key in B4A

I have a couple of apps I created in appinventor and signed with my key but when I try to use the same, working, key in B4A it gives me this error:

"jarsigner: Certificate chain not found for...
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LoadCSV and listview.addtwolines

I'm having trouble understanding how csv files are loaded. I've read all the tutorials and posts I could find, but I can't get a grip on it.
With a textreader I can read a line and then do...

Trial - Version problem?


I just dloaded the Trial version today and wanted to start with the hello world sample, but when compiling I get the following error:

javac 1.5.0_22...

Displaying Animated GIF

Hi, How do I display a animated GIF?
Now it just shows up as a static image.

how to use libraries

I cant figure out how to include a library. Im trying to play with SQL Lite, but find no library tab as stating in an example I saw. I have my paths set up correctly I think. Im on 1.2 thanks

hello world does not work

When I compile the project, I obtain this error

Compiling code. 0.03
Generating R file. Error
AndroidManifest.xml:2: error: No resource...

Setting value for a text label


Sorry for the silly question.

I have created a layout with a single label called jbox.
I simply want to set the text of the label in the program but cant seem to do it.

My code ...

Where is the documentation?