1. ismael_hannecker

    Android Question Record a video with overlay

    Hi there everyone, I have to build a program that generates a video file with a chronometer on top of this. Right now I am drawing above the preview screen (I am using CamEx2 sample as base) but my output file, as you can image, have no overlay. I did read many topics in this forum about...
  2. alirezahassan

    Android Question Analysis Internet B4A

    Hi all :) interesting thing! i want to show ping and packet loss to users. is there any way? or is there any code or library about it?
  3. B

    Android Question Add line number on Edittext

    Hello, I want to make a notebook that is something like an editor. You must have seen in Android Studio or B4A itself that when we write our code and press Enter, a new line is added and the line number is displayed next to it, and if we delete a line in the middle, a number will be subtracted...
  4. B

    Android Code Snippet Offline calculation of call to prayer time and religious times

    Hello, Happy Ramazan I found a piece of code today and I will share it with you. This code calculates the call to prayer offline with advanced mathematical algorithms. This code is very suitable for making Saying the call to prayer programs. I put this piece of code here to promote the religion...
  5. D

    Android Question Firebase doesn't work on all devices

    Hello! I am trying to create my chat. I use for this Firebase. on my Honor it works, on emulators with google_apis and google_apis_playstore it works to, but on default android emulator and my One plus it doesn't (i have google services). I have no idea what the problem is, I will be glad for...
  6. D

    Android Question In-App Update Library - Returns version 0 (B4XPages)

    Hello! I was trying to implement In-App update published by @ArminKh1993 here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/in-app-update-library.126305/page-2#post-809707 Uploaded a new version to google play and left BridgeLogger true, when I debug the app the availableVersionCode is always 0 and...
  7. B

    Android Question Floating splash in b4a

    Hi, How do I make a floating splash? For example, when the user clicks on the program, first a square image view is displayed on the "Applications" page, then it becomes full screen. Let me give you an example, like b4a itself, when you open it, it first writes B4A in the middle of the page
  8. alirezahassan

    Android Question Open auto start page

    Hi all, I want to get auto start permission. What am I do to open this page?
  9. B

    Android Question Problem using Firebase notifications

    I have downloaded the latest version of B4a with all the essentials from b4x. I use Firebase notification in one of my projects, but it gives an error when compiling. This error also appears in an empty project that lacks a library. B4A Version: 10.70 Parsing code. (1.09s) Java Version...
  10. rtek1000

    Bug? B4X IDEs presents BUG by maximizing

    Initial condition: - Windows 10 x64 (20H2) - Have two displays (Extended mode) - The IDE window sized to show a part on each screen Problem: - When the IDE window is maximized, a portion of the window remains on the second screen Verification: - This problem does not occur with other programs...
  11. B

    Android Question Problem using XUI Views.b4xlib on b4a version 8

    Hello I have to use b4a8 for a project because a server does not support b4a8 or higher. I have already developed this project on b4a10.2 and used XUI Views.b4xlib. But in version 8 b4a this library is not identified. what do I do? Please advise how to use XUI Views.b4xlib in version 8 b4a?
  12. R

    Android Question Unknown type: b4xmainpage. Are you missing a library reference?

    Hi Guys, I have upgraded my B4A from 10.0 to 10.07 and I can't get my app running on the new version.
  13. S

    Android Question B4A bridge problem

    Hi, i try to connect with B4A bridge. I see my ip on app ad it's correct, i set on the B4A application my ip and try to start debug but no device was found. I don't see on B4A Application if the connection is established correctly. How i can solve this problem? I have Huaweii P8Lite phone with...
  14. Drops

    Android Question (Wait For) wait only x second , if no response exit.

    Hello, I need help with my problem. I can use (waitfor) to udp packet received, if packet no received for ex.10 second then close (waitfor) and continue program. Wait For EventName_PacketArrived (Packet As UDPPacket)
  15. rezaghasmi

    Android Question Problem with translator api key

    Hello friends I used this api http://api.mymemory.translated.net/get in my project, then I realized that there is a limit. To remove the limit, I have to make a key. I made a key, but I do not know where to put the project. Please help. Sub Process_Globals End Sub Sub Globals Private...
  16. Abdulizor

    Share My Creation ChatApp v1.1

    Overview ChatApp is a Real time chatting application. Developed in B4A, along with php and mysql, the application can be easily modified and customized. App Features Mysql database One by one chat Group Chatting Single Video & Audio Call Sent/Recived Indicatior with realtime update Last seen...
  17. Guenter Becker

    Android Code Snippet Snipped Manager

    Dear friends, I looked to the snipped managers as pointed out in this forum and I am not convinced. Searching the Internet I found several better solutions. The one I choose is a portable windows desktop application. It is working fine on my win 10 64-bit system. We all know that b4A is not a...
  18. L

    Android Question Sip Register Problem don't invoke event

    Hi, i'm having prolem when i try to call sip.register doesn't invoke any event and receive nothing. I think that i need to unregister the device that is already registered. I found this code to unregister profile : Dim r As Reflector r.Target = Sip...
  19. K

    Android Question UltimateListView Drag n Drop Sections

    Hi All I am playing with UltimateListView at the moment, I am trying to get a drag and drop concept working. I can drag in lists and have looked at that example, I am now looking at the Sections_demo, it has drag inside each section if there are multiple rows But what I want to do is drag a...
  20. Marcos Alves

    Android Question B4XPages and #IF JAVA

    Hello, I have a B4XPages code that is using specific java routines only for B4J. If compiled for B4A the routine raises an error that's why it's needed to restrict the compilation only to B4J. But compiler in B4A is ignoring the directive as follows: #if B4J #if Java import...