1. S

    B4J Question When using variable with sqlite, error unrecognized token: ":"

    Hi, Can't figure out why this works: Dim RS3 As ResultSet = Main.SQL2.ExecQuery("SELECT Fullpath, Filename, Size, Date, Time FROM DblFiles WHERE Fullpath = 'C:\temp\{C}\'") But this does not, while the variable beholds the same string: Dim RS3 As ResultSet = Main.SQL2.ExecQuery("SELECT...
  2. Yafuhenk

    B4R Question [SOLVED] Can't connect B4R MQTT client to B4J MQTT broker

    Hi, I read several posts and studied several examples but I can't connect my ESP8266 D1 mini to the broker. Sub Process_Globals Private Broker As MqttBroker Private Client As MqttClient Private ESPTopic As String = "ESP8266_1" Private Name As String = "SKIKK_1" End Sub Sub...
  3. Pxs

    B4J Question How to get the Calling view from a context menu click

    Hello I'm trying to get the calling view upon selection of a context menu entry Context menu(from the editor): [ { Text:"Detailed Info", EventName : "ShowDetailedInfo" } ] Called sub: Private Sub ShowDetailedInfo_Action Dim mi As MenuItem = Sender End Sub I know...
  4. S

    B4J Question Items from Javaobject in Log but not in Listview

    Hello, The below code is checking files in a selected folder and uses the Java code I found here in the forum. Why do I see the JavaObject contents as Items in the Log but not in the Listview? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, could someone point me how to fix this? Sub GetTheFolderContents...
  5. Diego Roman

    B4J Question Hide Window Console in B4J

    Hi, It's posible to hide window console in B4J console application? I need to do a Background Process App but I don't want show the black console when start the process when Windows starts. Anyone can help me please? Thank you
  6. stevel05

    B4J Library JSON Formatter and validator

    I am working on an app that needs to be able to manipulate JSON strings. They are stored in a compact format then prettified for display and editing. The main problem I have found is that if the json is invalid, it can't be prettified with the existing JSON lib. I found this project on github...
  7. W

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Linux/wine - program running from the IDE uses Greek(?) font?

    When running outside the IDE, all is well. However, when running the attached (based on the default project when creating a new UI one in B4J) from the IDE, it looks like a Greek font is being used for all views except the form title. Changing e.g. a button's font to Arial instead of the default...
  8. A

    German [B4J] intern jnet - ftp - dir list für einen VX Works ftp-Server

    Hallo miteinander, hab hier ein Problem mit jnet/ftp. Ich nutzte B4J 9.8 internal Version:1.81. Ich habe hier mal ein vereinfachtes Testprogramm meines Projekts private Sub Test ftp.Initialize("ftp","",21,"User","pass") ftp.PassiveMode=True ftp.TimeoutMs= 60000 Log...
  9. aeric

    B4J Library [B4X] Velocity

    A wrap of Apache Velocity Engine library for B4A and B4J What is Velocity? Velocity is a Java-based template engine. It permits anyone to use a simple yet powerful template language to reference objects defined in Java code. Source: https://velocity.apache.org/ Download additional libraries...
  10. Z

    B4J Question [SOLVED]Gmail not working

    Hi, I'm trying to send a gmail through a B4J app but it's not working. I've updated my cacerts in Java and tested it with keytool and that's OK. My code is: Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Root = Root1 Root.LoadLayout("MainPage") smtp.Initialize("smtp.gmail.com", 465...
  11. C

    B4J Question Error when reloading CLV quickly when clv items contain B4XComboBox

    For a while I've been noticing an error when I reload a CustomListView quite quickly: Each CLV item contains a B4XCombobox and the error seems to be because I'm trying to use clv.GetItemFromView using the underlying combobox. Attached is a small project showing the issue. If you run it and...
  12. Z

    B4J Question [SOLVED]Inno Setup Problem

    Hi, I'm using Inno Setup Compiler 6.2.2 with B4J Build Standalone Package and I'm going crazy trying to figure out the following: My program includes a number of screens whose layouts are set up in Designer but whose elements are repositioned programmatically. After I run the Build Standalone...
  13. M

    B4J Question Fast Net For B4J

    Hi @Earl, I am currently working on building a cross-platform project for B4A and B4J. Previously, I had completed the same project fully for B4A and it had good results. When I decided to work on the project for Windows, I used B4X instead. The issue I am facing is with retrieving data from an...
  14. yo3ggx

    B4J Question Native library

    Hello. I've build a B4J library using Eclipse. Some native libraries are used inside the library jar file. In a test application (directly in Eclipse), everything is working as expected. I added the library jar file in the External libraries folder in B4J (including the library containing the...
  15. walterf25

    B4J Question ABMaterial Class Instantiation

    Hi all, I need some help understanding how to use a standar B4J class in an ABMaterial project, basically I have a project where I have a written a class that opens a Serial Port and starts receiving data from a device, This all works perfect so far, until I navigate to a different page, the...
  16. DarkoT

    Other Best idea for creating multilevel layout

    Hi, need idea (best practice) how to create user friendly input in B4J desktop app which will allow user to input WORKORDERS. On first level user will input a "head" (=production order) which will contains customer ID, date, description, ... On second level user should create many workorders...
  17. W

    B4J Code Snippet Improving the speed of reading multiple sheets from an Excel workbook with jPOI5/XLUtils

    Especially noticeable when reading from a not-very-small workbook, even if it just contains multiple sheets with some tens of thousands of rows. Slow method that opens the workbook multiple times (and, I guess, reads it/interprets its XML completely each time to load it into memory): Dim...
  18. Rasoull

    Android Question multiple socket connection

    hi I have many users connecting to the server, the server side is written with b4j and I want to connect them one by one, what libraries can I use for this?
  19. K

    B4J Question Rearrange Visible Buttons

    Hello Everyone! I 'm new to B4x and I'm trying to create an app using B4XPages. I want to change the visibility of some buttons based on a certain value (done that). Moreover I want those buttons rearranged, so that the visible buttons would look better. For example if i had 5 Buttons and only...
  20. Arnaud

    B4J Question Googlemaps bug?

    Hello, Since 24-02-2023, I have problem with Google map library for all my project in B4j . the screen is white. So, I have tested with the example project "GoogleMapDemo" to be sure that the problem is not my API key, and I have the same problem. It seems that the problem is when the pane to...