1. Patent

    Bug? B4J 6.8 IDE - Cursor

    Its not related to V6.8. It was the same in older Versions: The IDE does not remember the actual cursor position. For exampe: cursor is in row 254 in main sub. starting the app (in debug mode). closing the app. the ide jumps to row1. (not allways, but 95%. Cant say when not....) greets
  2. Peter Simpson

    B4J Tutorial 💡 Printing on A4 and Letter sized paper

    Hello all, As the title say, this is a quick tutorial on how to print on A4 or Letter sized paper using the follow information provided by Steve Laming (better known as @stevel05). CLICK HERE for B4J Print JavaFX 8 I have attached two PDF files showing example printouts for both A4 and letter...
  3. W

    Bug? [B4A] [B4J] Conditional compile in Sub documentation omits preceding text

    With this code: 'line1 'line2 #If B4A then 'line3 #End If 'line4 'line5 Sub MySub End Sub the only help that seems to be displayed in the IDE is as of line4; it happens with both B4A and B4J.
  4. M

    B4J Question [SOLVED] silent installer

    I tried to make my program autoupdate itself but whitout success, its posible to modify ui apps packaging?, to achive a silent instalation , i mean a instalation without user interaction.
  5. Z

    B4J Question jRDC2 connect Two or More MySQL databases

    I already read .. Erel Answer from https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jrdc-how-to-connect-to-multiple-database.59930/#content But as i'm new member to b4x and not expert in java ... modification of RDCHandler is hard for me. I do Erel answer but i can't success. This is my jRDC...
  6. Peter Simpson

    Tool B4X Template Manager (New B4J version). Create and share your layouts with others

    First of all, cheers to Filippo who created a template manager last week. I was going to offer Filippo a few suggestions in his thread about his program, but then I decided to create my own on Sunday. B4X Template Manage (B4X TM) is no better or worse than Filippo's, it's just a different take...
  7. Mashiane

    B4J Question [SOLVED] How to add custom class templates in B4J library?

    Hi Please find question as per subject matter? Thanks
  8. P

    B4J Question Raspberry pi; Windows 10 core

    Does b4j support windows 10 core for raspberry pi?
  9. J

    B4J Library jCrystalReports Library

    Hi all. I would like to share this jCrystalReports Library. (For now it supports MS SQL JTDS, MS SQL SQLJDBC, MySQL, Oracle and SQLite) I think I'm wrong, the java code in this library doesn't restrict to any jdbc connection and you can configure any jdbc in crystal reports as long is in the...
  10. J

    B4J Library jJasperReports Library

    Hi. I want to share this jJasperReports library with the community. It needs several libraries to work. I provided a link: download ---More libraries needed (missing from the first link): download You also need to download databases jdbc drivers: sql jdts, mysql and oracle New Link (All jar...
  11. Raphael da Costa Peret

    Requisitar chave do certificado

    Olá a todos. Preciso selecionar um certificado digital instalado no Windows e gravar essa chave em uma tabela do banco de dados. Já pesquisei bastante e não consegui encontrar como faço isso no B4J. Ou, encontrei e não entendi. :D Alguém pode dar uma ajuda nessa questão?
  12. Mark Baars

    B4J Question Playing a video in B4J

    Hello, I am looking for a way to play full motion video in my B4J application (mp4 or ogv). I have searched the forums and found information on libraries for B4A and B4I but none for B4J. Does it exist? And where should I look for it? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Mark
  13. MarkusR

    B4J Code Snippet Simple Stop Watch Modul

    Watch.Start ... Watch.Stop("Result A") ... Watch.Stop("Result B") ... Watch.Stop("Result C") 'Static code module Watch Sub Process_Globals Dim mStart As Long Dim mEnd As Long End Sub public Sub Start mStart = DateTime.Now End Sub public Sub Stop(title As String) mEnd =...
  14. moster67

    B4J Library TensorFlow - an experimental machine/deep learning wrapper for B4J

    TensorFlow - an experimental machine/deep learning wrapper for B4J After writing a TensorFlowLite library for Android, I was asked to do a similar one for B4J. My library wraps TensorFlow (v. r.1.10) and is based on some Java examples found in TensorFlow's Github pages. I also added some...
  15. MarkusR

    B4J Question [solved] jServer receive bytes() from client?

    hello, i will send bytes from a client app to my server but at receive i got error java.util.zip.ZipException: unknown compression method Obj = ser.ConvertBytesToObject(buffer) Client: Sub Save(Item As SinglePassword) Dim Data() As Byte Dim ser As B4XSerializator Data =...
  16. MarkusR

    B4J Question authentication identity check at server?

    I try to use this solution with ssl: [Server] Data Collection Solution - Device, Desktop and Web reports https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/server-data-collection-solution-device-desktop-and-web-reports.37254/#content In the DataCollectionDesktop App i will use Username & Password...
  17. Peter Simpson

    At last, maybe...

    So after studying Klaus's xChart, Erels various examples and watching Star-Dust release example of what can be created using XUI, I decided to take a closer look at XUI. I've started learning about XUI and its advantages, yes it looking really good and way better than I first thought it was...
  18. MarkusR

    B4J Question [solved] how to add a .jar to the windows start panel?

    how can i add a .jar "executable" file to windows 10 start panel? i made a link and put it to the others there but windows ignore it.
  19. MarkusR

    B4J Question B4XCipher Question

    hello, is it possible that .Encrypt always generate a new byte array sequence with same given password argument? that would mean if me test a login password the compare with .Decrypt make the stored password temporary readable.
  20. MarkusR

    B4J Question b4x,xui listview?

    hello , what is the equivalent for a multi column listview similar to vb6 in b4x / xui ? As ListView > As B4XView ? i need a b4x list view for b4j & b4a i have a type that represent the columns, except the byte array. Type Entry(Id As Int,Name As String,Url As String,Password() As...