1. stevel05

    Share My Creation [B4J] Hex View CustomView

    Here is my take on a Hex dump as a custom view. You can: Explore any size file Load one or more arrays of bytes Search the data There is a degree of customisation in the designer and subsequently in the class for setting colours used for different highlighting. Turning the headers on/off...
  2. oldeast

    B4J Question Archiver

    After installing the latest version of B4J, the Archiver library is missing and is needed in theB4J packager which has been Ok for a couple of years, I found iArchiver but i think I need jArchiver, can you help please Thanks
  3. N

    B4J Question ABMaterial prevent page refresh/reload?

    Is it possible to prevent user to use refresh/reload page?
  4. Fr Simon Rundell

    B4J Question XUI: Enabled/Visible on B4XFloatTextField

    I am loving the XUI Library, but some of the opportunities the new controls offer also come with (perhaps unforseen) limitations. Having a Password feature in a B4XFloatTextField is awesome, but I am surprised that I can no longer set this control as txtfield.Enabled=True so that I can lock it...
  5. A

    Spanish B4J PUSH

    Hola! Estuve buscando por el foro y no encuentro en ningun lado la forma de recibir una notificacion via push en b4j. Lo que estoy buscando es enviar desde php la push para que reciba un b4j esta notificacion y a partir de ahí realice una acción. Encontre siempre que b4j haga de servidor que...
  6. M

    B4J Question client screen size

    how to get the client screen size? I want to fit the content design based on their screen size. or is there another way to make the system design (layout) fit correctly to their screen size?
  7. M

    B4J Question Smart String Literal

    I run into a trouble with Smart String Literals and $Datetime The long number 1546127715000 is converted to 2019.12.30 07:55:15 But the long number 1572393316601 is converted to 2019.10.30 07:55:16 The first number is less than the second and results in a date in the future Why and where is my...
  8. Xfood

    Italian B4j Report

    Buongiorno a tutti, vorrei realizzare un report in b4j ma non riesco a trovare un metodo semplice da gestire in pratica ho una tabella sql con questi campi codice,Descrizione,prezzo,ean vorrei generare un report con una pagina in formato a4 dove sia divisa in 2 colonne e quindi stampare per ogni...
  9. N

    B4J Question [B4J] How to take the right Tableview Selected Cell value

    Hi All, I'm using a simple Tableview and I need to take the selected cell value. I used this code and it works perfect: Sub Process_Globals Private fx As JFX Private MainForm As Form Private TableView1 As TableView Private Label1 As Label End Sub Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form...
  10. A

    B4J Question [WebApp] Download or Open new browser tab to view file

    I have a WebSocket Class that generates a pdf report and saves it to a browser accessible location based on dynamically generated (from this same WebSocket class) controls to get report parameter input from the browser user. I can WebUtils.redirect to the generated pdf file but I want to either...
  11. jimich

    B4J Question b4j kvs2 multi-column csv

    Good day to all, I have code below. Everything is ok except when using kvs.get(), which I could not get every item on the list. Thank you for your kind reply. 'Non-UI application (console / server application) #Region Project Attributes #CommandLineArgs: #MergeLibraries: True...
  12. Patent

    B4J Question set Proxy to avoid CORS

    Dear community, wanna use a local Proxy in B4J to avoid CORS Problems. This is the Try: Sub Process_Globals Dim ho As String Dim po As Int End Sub Sub AppStart (Args() As String) ho="" 'local ip po=8080 Dim j As HttpJob j.Initialize("j", Me)...
  13. A

    B4J Question About properties get & set.

    Hi to everyone. I have a class with two private strings declared in Class_Globals. Private ExportFolder As String Private FtpExportFolder As String Now I want to declare setters for those properties. This is what I do: public Sub setExportFolder(Value As String) ExportFolder = Value End Sub...
  14. P

    Italian Eseguire JAR senza B4J

    Ciao Ragazzi, immagino che per voi sia un gioco da ragazzi ma io sono nuovo... ho creato un piccolo esempio con B4J e tutto va bene, ma se dovessi eseguire il programma su un altro PC dove non è installato B4J come posso fare? ho provato ad eseguire il file result.jar che viene generato da...
  15. MARCO C.

    Italian B4J :diversificare proprietà durante items.add

    Buongiorno a tutti, sapete dirmi se riesco a modificare qualche proprietà durante l'inserimento di una riga in una listview ? es: ListViewOrd.Items.Add(Riga) In base alla valore "Riga" vorrei cambiare il colore oppure il font del testo che vado ad inserire . Per non sconvolgere il lavoro...
  16. I

    B4J Question Multitouch

    Hi, I am working on multitouch in B4J and I have some questions. Idea is to have pane same size as form, and when there is touch event on pane i get data on x, y, id of touch... My code is here: #Region Project Attributes #MainFormWidth: 600 #MainFormHeight: 600 #End Region Sub...
  17. MarkusR

    German virtueller privater Server - welchen nutzt Ihr?

    Hallo, was nutzt Ihr günstiges um z.B. B4J+Jetty+ABMaterial+mySQL online zu haben?
  18. Alejandro Moyano

    Java Question I can't access an wrapper object from B4J

    Hi, im alex, im building an CRUD code generator and i need beautify the ugly generated code then i trying to wraps the library JTidy, but when i run it on b4j crashes. My knowledge of java is pretty basic, mostly remounts time ago at university, as my main languages are PL/SQL, VB.Net and...
  19. J

    B4J Question Sleep() causes unexpected program exit?

    Hello folks, thanks in advance... I'm writing/running some very small non-UI programs under B4J, hoping that the core stuff I'm playing with is the same for B4A, as that is my ultimate goal, to develop an Android app. So, I was playing around with timers, getting familiar with those.In my...
  20. appie21

    B4J Question Turn pc monitor in standby and wake

    Hello I want to create a tool that can turn of my pc monitor(standby) on or off How can i do this?