1. G

    B4J Question Using jchart class library to dynamically obtain pie chart data from database, what is the problem?

    Wait For (req.ExecuteQuery(cmd, 0, Null)) JobDone(j As HttpJob) If j.Success Then req.HandleJobAsync(j, "req") Wait For (req) req_Result(res As DBResult) req.PrintTable(res) 'PIE CHART PieChart.Initialize("PC") PieChart.Title = "Pie Chart"...
  2. G

    B4J Question java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "null" Why is there an error when data can be found in the database? Thank you

    [CODE lang="b4x" title="java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "null"" highlight="java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "null""]Call B4XPages.GetManager.LogEvents = True to enable logging B4XPages events. Tag: null, Columns: 3, Rows: 1 BUMEN FEIYONGGUIJI jine...
  3. G

    B4J Question How to set variable values in JOSON files and What are the types of types in the Joson file? THANKS

    B4XTable1.AddColumn(Main.b & "月份计划", B4XTable1.COLUMN_TYPE_TEXT) { "title": "12月份计划", "type": "Text", "key": "12月份计划", "required": true },
  4. vfafou

    B4J Question AS CalendarExpandable question

    Hello! I would like to ask @Alexander Stolte if there is any event triggered when we change the month from header. I need to do some tasks when the month is changed.
  5. Tirecs

    B4J Question [SOLVED] B4J TableView Column Alignment Error in Java versions higher than 8

    Hello forum members, we use this function for setting the alignment of columns of a TableView in our B4J applications: 'Possible Alignments: [ top-left | top-center | top-right | center-left | center | center-right | bottom-left | bottom-center | bottom-right | baseline-left | baseline-center |...
  6. Claudio Oliveira

    B4J Question B4J app crash

    Hey guys! I'm facing a quite weird problem with a B4J app. Looks like it happens when I use FileChooser.ShowOpenMultiple(MainForm). Whenever I hit "Cancel" on the file chooser dialog, application crashes immediately. In debug mode, B4J IDE stays running as if the app was still open even though...
  7. W

    B4J Question (Solved) NoSuchAlgorithmException with jcifs-ng SMB-Client (SMB2)

    I'm testing @DonManfred 's SMB client (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jcifs-ng-smb-client-smb2.104561/), both the B4A and B4J versions. B4A works fine, and so does B4J on Linux. On Windows 10 and 11 however, I'm getting the below error and have no clue what to do; the library used is...
  8. W

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Resizing ScrollPane doesn't adjust anchored contents

    I must be missing something fundamental here. When resizing the form's width, the contents (which are all anchored in the Designer) don't appear to resize with the ScrollPane and its InnerNode. Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Code (which is the attached test project): Sub...
  9. mzsoft

    B4J Question play wav ubonto using shell

    in ubonto we cant play sound with mediaplay. so i want to play with shell command. in terminal with command below i play wav. aplay /home/admins/tempjars/Record/11012023094449.wav in shell i write this Dim path As String= File.GetUri("/home/admins/tempjars/Record/11012023094449.wav","")...
  10. L

    B4J Question GPS access from B4J

    Trying to create an application in B4J that needs to use GPS location speed etc. What library does B4J need to use for this to work. I also cant seem to find any examples in B4J only B4A example seem to exist. Does anyone have any examples of code for GPS access under B4J. Many Thanks in advance
  11. peacemaker

    B4J Tutorial SQLite or MySQL database

    For any project where a database is required - it's very important to have possibility to see the database data, to debug the app. If the app is used on a remote server host, and the database is getting bigger and bigger - it's not comfortable to see file-based SQLite database, as file copying...
  12. W

    Android Example [B4J] [B4A] Expandable CLV with sub-items (similar to a tree)

    Posted in the B4J forum: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4j-b4a-expandable-clv-with-sub-items-similar-to-a-tree.155113/
  13. W

    B4J Code Snippet [B4J] [B4A] Expandable CLV with sub-items (similar to a tree)

    I needed this and didn't find an existing solution: a CLV whose items - can be expanded/collapsed (available in @Erel's CLVExpandable) - and can have sub-items that can be shown or hidden In the screenshot below, you'll see the arrows that can be used to expand/collapse, and the +/- signs to...
  14. jkhazraji

    Share My Creation Creating javafx buttons with images

    Hi, 'b4jers' B4j can easily import and encompass the javafx controls and deals with them as native controls. As a demo of this power of b4j I present this outcome of a small app that took a considerable deal of research, trials and errors, and code organization.. It displays three buttons...
  15. R

    B4J Question jGoogleMaps Lib V2

    I am working on a project with Google Maps V2. The code is as Erel's example here Google Maps V2 I am using the recommended OpenJDK 19.0.2 + OpenJFX 17.0.6 and have included the #PackagerProperty code. Is this a problem?
  16. jkhazraji

    Share My Creation B4Xlib file maker

    Hi everybody, May I present to you this utility which was entirely made with b4j. It is a b4xlib library maker. It has a very simple job : archiving the required resource files into the b4xlib file which is, as stated by the creator, a zip file. It is a standalone package made with JPackager...
  17. K

    B4J Question jGoogleMaps issue in two pages

    Is it possible to add more than one Google Maps to different B4XPages? I have added 2 Google Maps into 2 different B4XPages, and the last B4XPage which was initialized is working fine, but the first initialized B4XPage's Google Maps is not loading. It's showing blank. If I remove the 2nd...
  18. jkhazraji

    B4J Question Exposing a Java code variable in a class to the main module

    Hi B4X community, I have the following as a part of a Java code in a class: #if Java { // //.... String msg ="blabla"; ba.raiseEvent(null,"get_msg",msg); //..... // } #end if Is the ba.raiseEvent written correctly? How would I expose 'msg' variable to the...
  19. K

    Android Question jGoogleMaps issue

    I'm using the jGoogleMaps library in my B4J project, and I'm receiving this error message when loading the Google Map. Additionally, the map is displaying the message 'For development purposes only.' Is this situation normal, or have I done something wrong?"
  20. S

    B4J Question Delete to Windows Recycle Bin

    Hi, File.Delete(FilePath,FileName) deletes a file directly from hard-disk, similar as holding Shift and then delete. I searched but can't find nothing on how to delete to Windows Recycle bin. (For sure I'm not the only one asking this right?) So I asked GPTchat and it came up with 2 scripts...