1. stevel05

    B4J Library [DSE] Shapes - Shape Nodes

    This class contains designer extension script methods based on the snippets I previously posted with some enhancements that make it too complex to post as snippets. You should now be able to shape and rotate any node, text alignment is currently handled for Button, Label, Radiobutton and...
  2. W

    B4J Code Snippet [XLUtils] [jPOI5] Detect/unhide hidden rows and columns in a worksheet

    Dim i As Int Dim theSheet As PoiSheet = ... Dim joTheSheet As JavaObject = theSheet Dim theSheetWriter As XLSheetWriter = ... Dim theSheetLastRow1 As Int = theSheet.LastRowNumber + 1 ' One-based index of the last row in the sheet Dim theSheetLastCol0 As Int = theSheet.GetRow(0).Cells.Size - 1 '...
  3. stevel05

    B4J Code Snippet {DSE] Button Shapes

    These methods are now included in DSE_Shapes class which provides more functionality. Here are several Designer script extension methods that allow buttons to be shaped and rotated. It's a bit of a novelty, but may come in useful at some time. Each shape method also attempts to apply...
  4. stevel05

    B4J Code Snippet [DSE] SetToggleGroup (RadioButton / ToggleButton)

    A designer script extension that allows control over the grouping of Toggles (RadioButton And ToggleButtons) so that only one from the group can be selected at a time. B4x automatically groups RadioButtons on the same Pane. You can use this to change that behaviour which may, or may not, make...
  5. stevel05

    B4J Code Snippet [DSE] SetLabelTextOverrun behaviour.

    It seems more appropriate to post small Designer Script Extensions here so here another one. Set the TextOverrun behavior for a Label. Usage: {Class}.SetLabelTextOverrun("CENTER_WORD_ELLIPSIS",Label2,Label3) {Class} is whichever class you put the method in. You can set the same behaviour on...
  6. stevel05

    B4J Library [B4j] [DSE] CSSStyleClass Designer Script Extension

    With the new Designer Script Extensions, Erel has given us Class Names for views similar to the B4j CSS class names. For those wanting to use the actual CSS classes and styling in B4j, it is just as easy to add CSS class names to Nodes directly in the designer using the Designer Script...
  7. drgottjr

    B4J Library (Max)Mind Your Own Business

    a forum member mentioned maxmind many years ago. maxmind is a database company specializing in, among other things, mapping ip addresses to locations and networks. they have for a long time made a version of their product available free of charge. not for commercial use, naturally. a few...
  8. J

    B4J Question [B4X] jRDC2 - Issues with sql command not found

    Hello I'm experimenting with the jRDC2 tool, but at this point, I'm receiving a weird issue. I created a sql query, just like in this tutorial, but for some queries I receive the message that the command could not be found out of the config.properties file. jRDC2 server: #SQL COMMANDS #...
  9. pejmannikravan

    What are the promotional plans for B4X?

    hello dears and B4X team. We all know that B4X has improved dramatically over the years... But the main problem is that the B4X developer community is very small and the number of developers is small, perhaps due to lack of advertising! The B4X has great potential, but I don't think anyone knows...
  10. S

    B4J Question PHP file not parsing parameter string from Poststring

    Hello, i've a strange problem which costed me quite a bit of time to debug, still I don't know why my php file won't accept the string of parameters. Note that the php files are working well, I use them on other projects in combination with another development environment. So at a certain point...
  11. epiCode

    B4J Library [B4J] [Class] CLVDragger Mod v8 with OrderChanged Event

    CustomListView with Drag and Drop Support for items based on Erel's Class CLVDragger Modifications: v8 1. Added Callback Support 2. Added Event: OrderChanged ( ItemIndex as int , NewIndex as Int) ItemIndex: Item which was dragged NewIndex: Where item was dropped
  12. V

    B4J Question Error JPOI

    Hello everyone, I've been using B4J for a while, but now i run into problems. I wrote a module that reads MT940 files. That works very well so far. The problem is that I have to write the balances of the bank accounts into an existing EXCEL file. In the development environment it works...
  13. V

    German JPOI

    Hallo Alle Zusammen, bin zwar schon eine Zeitlang mit B4J zu Gange, aber das erste Mal auf Probleme gestoßen. Ich habe ein Modul geschrieben, dass MT940 Dateien ausliest. Das funktioniert soweit gut. Das Problem ist nun, dass ich die Salden der Bankkonten in eine existierende EXCEL-Datei...
  14. K

    B4J Question Http job fails after building standalone package

    Hi All, I am fetching the current date from "https://www.timeapi.io/api/Time/current/zone?timeZone=Asia/Kolkata" API. The http job works perfectly when the project run in b4j IDE, but when after building to standalone package, http job always fails. attached the zip project for reference and...
  15. epiCode

    Share My Creation [Tools] Code Sort v1.0

    This is my first attempt at B4J Apps. I wanted to write a tool to help me with organizing/sorting functions for my b4a apps. It can help you: 1. Sort Subroutines in lexicographical order (when you have too many subs which are in your code in no order) 2. Or order of your choice ( keeping...
  16. I

    Android Question Android and PC Communication over Bluetooth

    Can I have Sample Code for the communication between Mobile and PC over bluetooth. Also is it possible to connect multiple mobile devices with one PC Bluetooth app. If possible plese provide sample code.
  17. HassanProgrammer

    B4J Question How to use b4j on vps?

    Hello I want to use b4j on vps for the first time. I want to create a clip making program with b4a so that the user sends a series of information such as photos, text, etc. to the server and this information will be sent to b4j. In b4j and on the server, a series of changes may be made to the...
  18. rgarnett1955

    B4J Question B4J 64 Bit: Does this produce different executable code?

    Hi, Does the new B4J 64 bit version produce different (64 bit) code or is it just the IDE is running with 64 Bit code? Best regards Rob
  19. W

    Bug? BBCodeView throws exception if text is enclosed in square brackets (and considered an invalid tag)

    See subject and attached demo project. If BBCodeView1.Text is set to some string that contains square brackets but these don't enclose a valid tag, an exception is thrown and the BBCodeView becomes empty and further unusable (further attempts to set the text result in more RuntimeExceptions)...
  20. HassanProgrammer

    B4J Question SetDOMStorageEnabled method

    Hello I had previously encountered such a problem in Android that when loading a specific link in Webview I encountered the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'getItem') in https://Example.com/main-es2015.ef2fddc41b098271fdb4.js (Line: 1) But I solved the problem...