1. W

    Bug? BBCodeView throws exception if text is enclosed in square brackets (and considered an invalid tag)

    See subject and attached demo project. If BBCodeView1.Text is set to some string that contains square brackets but these don't enclose a valid tag, an exception is thrown and the BBCodeView becomes empty and further unusable (further attempts to set the text result in more RuntimeExceptions)...
  2. HassanProgrammer

    B4J Question SetDOMStorageEnabled method

    Hello I had previously encountered such a problem in Android that when loading a specific link in Webview I encountered the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'getItem') in https://Example.com/main-es2015.ef2fddc41b098271fdb4.js (Line: 1) But I solved the problem...
  3. Patent

    B4J Question wrong height in nested xCLV ?

    Dear community, what occurs if i am dragging the MainForm Right-Window-Bound to let me say 5 Pixels wider? I'm not thinking of the MainForm Resize Event. What happens internaly? Is it possible to do that "magic things" manually? Because of: If i do this resizing with the mouse, the layout of...
  4. Y

    Bug? B4XFloatTextFied.TextField.SetTextAlignment failed in

    Hi, in b4j this command causes boot to fail FtUser.TextField.SetTextAlignment("TOP","RIGHT") FtUser is B4XFloatTextFiel. How to solve this problem?
  5. Noble

    B4J Question Remote RPi Survive Power Outage Reboot

    I have a couple RPi's running remotely. Seldom is there a reboot. When there is I have to reload the program using B4J. My question is How can I have the Raspberry Pi start with the bridge running and Load the last program that I loaded to it when it reboots. I have been using /etc/rc.local...
  6. Richard Goh

    B4J Question Standalone Package Crashed When Run

    I had below error when running B4J standalone package but it's was running well on B4J debug or release mode. Any advice? D:\Dev\Admin\Objects\temp\build\bin>java.exe @release_java_modules.txt -m b4j/xxx.xxx.xxx.main Feb 26, 2022 8:02:24 AM com.mchange.v2.log.MLog INFO: MLog clients using java...
  7. Magma

    Share My Creation EasyCode - Form/B4XTable Generator with no writting code [B4A] [B4J]

    Well, I ve decided to create a Form-View Generator (B4J - B4A)... that creates Forms with B4XTable + with no writing code at all... The Designer is in B4J (like FormBuilder), the produced code/files working at B4A too !!! Well.. after one month of programming... I want to share / sell my...
  8. yo3ggx

    B4J Question Cannot set button border through CSS

    Hello, I'm using the following css file: .button { -fx-background-color: linear-gradient(#707070, #101010); -fx-border-radius: 10; -fx-background-radius: 10; -fx-text-fill: cyan; -fx-border-width: 2; -fx-faint-focus-color: cyan; -fx-focus-color: cyan; }...
  9. Schakalaka

    Italian Progettazione programma B4J per controllo green Pass

    Buongiorno, sto ideando un progetto in B4J per controllare il green pass della ditta dove lavoro. Io l' ho ideato cosi: Creo un db Sql locale con la tabella dei dipendenti esempio: tbl_users -> id -> matricola -> nominativo -> Identificativo univoco del certificato -> data vaccinazione...
  10. H

    I Hate Regex, Part 2

    When people say they hate RegEx, they don't mean they hate RegEx itself, they usually hate the syntax and morphology of RegEx. That is why it is such a controversial topic. The functionality of RegEx is useful, although internally it is quite dirty with rules that allow some ambiguity and...
  11. red30

    B4J Question Working with RS-485 to Ethernet converter in B4J

    I have an RS-485 line on which several devices are present. At the end of this line is an RS-485 to USB converter. When I insert this converter into a PC, it is defined as a COM port and I work with these devices using the "Serial" and "AsyncStreams" libraries sp.Initialize("")...
  12. Marvel

    B4J Code Snippet Creating Jigsaw Puzzles (B4XPages)

    This is a very crude version of the code I'm using in a project to create a jigsaw puzzle. What it basically does is cut square images into jigsaw pieces. It's not very cleaned up, but feel free to use and extend as you want. What you can do with this code: Specify the puzzle row/column...
  13. B

    B4J Question [B4J] how to get widows desktop folder, ie: "C:\Users\abc\Desktop"

    i have searched in the forum for a while, but not found. Thanks!
  14. sfsameer

    Share My Creation Booking Website System B4J Web App : Source code

    Hello everyone, *Starting off by thanking the one and only @Erel for making this possible for us! Previously we have released the Hotel Management system : https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/hotel-management-system-source-code-for-sale.127717/ To complete the cycle, we are almost...
  15. yo3ggx

    B4J Question B4J Packaged apps (Windows 10) contain Malware?

    Hello, I've developed a B4J application that is distributed as both JAR file and a Windows Packaged (portable) application. After some user reports, I've tested the executable at https://www.virustotal.com/ This is the result. Is this something to be expected? How can I prevent this?
  16. cjpryor

    B4J Question Help building a jar file to call from B4J

    So, I have built a jar file named PrintPageReportWrapper.jar that I can execute from a command line with java -jar PrintPageReportWrapper.jar. Unfortunately, I have never had to go beyond this point in my java development other than deploying the jar file to desktop computers. I am now trying...
  17. B

    B4J Question Suggestions about importing a .tsv file into Excel

    Hi, I'd like to convert a VBScript app that I wrote, which imports a tab-delimited file into Excel, and performs all sorts of formatting functions. I used the B4J Excel library - forgot what it was called - sometime back. No problem with that. My question is how should I approach the...
  18. S

    B4J Question Get error when request data from jRDC server

    Hello, Some strange is happening, I can't figure out what, it must be something very small or it is a bug. I have a few buttons,which are to do something else, but I misuse them for now to figure something out. Strange thing is that I get errors depending on who knows what. I'm just testing...
  19. S

    B4J Question Error connect B4J via 2nd jRDC on Linux

    Hello, I have 1 jRDC.jar running on linux as server. Work ok with B4A test app. I did not understand the description for using 1 server for 2 database. I looked for similar other questions in forum. Then I use same jRDC for 2nd DB but changed this line in Main sub appstart to...
  20. C

    B4J Question B4J Server template 404 error only when packaged

    Note: I'm brand new to B4X and Java I'm starting simple... downloaded, installed, launched, and setup B4J.exe (with B4X OpenJDK)... and chose a [New][Server] project. The only two changes I made: #PackagerProperty: ExeName = B4JServerTest 'srvr.Port = 51042 srvr.Port = 80 Everything...