1. A

    Wish MCP3008 ADC

    Could someone please wrap the Adafruit MCP3008 ADC library available at: https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_MCP3008 ? Or, offer another way of reading this ADC? I'm successfully using that library on a Wemos D1 R2 through the Arduino IDE and would like to now port it over to B4R.
  2. johnf2013

    B4R Question Simple interrupt in B4R

    I have a C++ app running on an Arduino Nano which has at its core a fast A/D read triggered by a pin interrupt. So, a shaft running at around 3000rpm has a sensor which triggers the interrupt every revolution. I then need to save the time this occurs and then do several hundred fast A/D...
  3. M

    B4R Question Issues with the ESP8266 FileSystem

    Hi, I'm new to the platform so I apologize upfront in case this turns out to be a stupid question. I have an ESP01 (ESP8266) module and I want to store some data that will survive restarts of the ESP01. If I understood well, one of the options to achieve this is to use the ESP8266 file system...