1. E

    Android Question B4XDrawer and CustomListView

    Is there an example of using B4XDrawer and CustomListView with B4A?
  2. P

    Android Question Sliding Drawer unresponsive after a screen snapshot with B4XView?

    My App uses the sliding drawer as per AppCompat and a Screen snapshot - all works exactly as expected with the sliding drawer, until I do a PrtSc (activity snapshot). The items on the sliding drawer then fail to respond for a period - I cant decide if it is for a time (propbably not) or until I...
  3. John Isaac F. Castillo

    Android Question B4XDrawer Error: Failed resolution of: LandroidX/arch/core/executor/archTaskExecutor

    Good day everyone, I've tried searching the forum about the problem I'm having but no luck to find what's the solution. I am trying to run the B4XDrawer made by Erel, and I am having trouble. The example project build successfully but it crashes after installing saying...
  4. DroidLyon

    Android Question ASTABMENU animation on click optional ?

    This refers to @AlexanderStoltes impressive ASTabmenu I have now managed to successfully apply ASTabStrip & ASTabMenu to the b4xDrawer example of B4xPages :). (I've attached zip) Unfortunately despite looking I can't find a way to turn off the animation when you click on the tab ("it's like...
  5. DroidLyon

    Android Question B4xPages B4xDrawer example leftpanel not covering actionbar

    Hi All In the example given here and using B4A 10.2 I see that the left drawer does not cover the Centerpanel Page 2 Actionbar when you click the hamburger. The example for B4xdrawer does - see here I have search the forum, can see differences in the manifest, use of appcompat, it may be my...
  6. K

    Android Question B4XPages & B4XDrawer -> App Crashes when Loading page with Drawer

    Hi All I am having an issue where my test app is crashing when moving to the second page of my App, It seems to relate to the left Pane drawer but I cant see what I am doing wrong. Error log below, Also attached a sample project for reference. One other question, How do I set the size for a...
  7. Mrphone

    Android Question Sliding menu

    hi :) I want to create a SlidingMenu that is not displayed on the screen. That is, it is displayed next to the screen. Just like Instagram Like the picture above 👆 I used the B4XDrawer, unfortunately, it appears on the screen. I don't want this, I want it to be displayed next to the screen...
  8. D

    Android Question Getting B4xDrawer to Work

    Hi, I have looked at the B4xDrawer Example at: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-b4xdrawer-sliding-drawer.97828/#content From the code it is not immediately obvious how to use B4xDrawer without AppCompt. Is there perhaps an example that does not use AppCompt or a simpler way to...
  9. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - B4XDrawer - Shadow on the right side of the sliding drawer

    Greetings, I was looking at the properties of the B4XDrawer and wanted to add a shadow on the right edge of the drawer like in this photo I attached, but didn't see any shadow property. Do you know how he got it to look like that? The sample project that comes with this library doesn't have the...
  10. S

    Android Question B4XDrawer - IME_HeightChanged not firing

    After adding IME to the B4XDrawer example, all works fine except the IME_HeightChanged sub isn't triggering. I doesn't seem to be firing in other activities that I've added either?
  11. Martin Larsen

    Android Question [SOLVED] Problem B4XDrawer - sliding drawer

    I am trying to implement the B4XDrawer but when I run the example I get the following error: B4A Version: 9.50 Java Version: 8 Parsing code. (0.00s) Building folders structure. (1.25s) Compiling code. (0.59s) Compiling layouts code. (0.02s) Organizing libraries. (0.00s)...
  12. SayCheese

    Android Question B4xdrawer example error

    As a newbee to B4A, Java and Android programming even running a example file can be frustrating even after hours trying to figure out where I did something wrong in the installation process. I'm trying the B4Xdrawer example provided in [B4X] B4XDrawer - sliding drawer. I did the following...
  13. A0_2_A7

    Android Example Simple example B4XDrawer sliding drawer class with materialicons and fontawesome icons

    Good afternoon, I contribute to the community with a small example of the class B4XDrawer with material icons and fontawesome icons. Thanks to the whole community for this wonderful forum.
  14. S

    iOS Question iTabstrip and B4XDrawer

    When using a tabstrip placed within a b4xdrawer's centerpanel you cannot open the sliding menu using the gesture. Would it be possible to solve this? Tabstrip and B4XDrawer on Android have the behaviour I'm looking for, where if the slide comes from the edge of the screen it pulls open the...
  15. C

    Android Question B4XDrawer with activities

    Hello, I am trying to use the same drawer in my app through different activities. The problem I am facing is that the hamburguer and title in actionbar are not visible. I am not understanding why. Any help would be appreciate, thanks.
  16. Brandsum

    Android Question [SOLVED] B4XDrawer error with custom font

    Hi everyone, I'm using the latest version of B4XDrawer in my project. And I'm using a custom font for my application. It is compiling without any error. But when the app runs on the device I'm getting this error: *** Service (starter) Create *** ** Service (starter) Start ** ** Activity...
  17. Sandman

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Possible to make B4XDrawer cover top of screen also?

    This question is regarding the lovely B4XDrawer, which I'm a huge fan of. On Android, B4XDrawer also covers the top of the screen, like we can see here: (With a transparent status bar) On iOS the drawer doesn't overlap the top section: However, when looking at (for instance) the Gmail...
  18. mcqueccu

    Android Question B4X Drawer behaviour - click through. Is it normal?

    It happens that when the drawer is not fully covered with items, you can operate and click through it. Example video attached. Is it how its supposed to operate?
  19. lucad

    Android Question B4XDrawer: enable/disable drawer

    Hello, someone knows if the the B4XDrawer can be enabled/disabled ?