1. epiCode

    Android Question Trapping Back Key in B4XPages ?

    In my original project which did not use B4XPages I was able to trap back key by following code in Main Activity Objective here is trap back key and close drawer if open else ask if user wants to exit without saving Sub Activity_KeyPress (KeyCode As Int) As Boolean Select KeyCode...
  2. J

    Android Question B4XPages project does not change button properties

    I have a B4XPages project and am using B4A v11.20 on it. The app runs Ok on a phone except for one point. The app has a DetailsPage called by the MainPage on clicking its Start button ('defined' in the page's main.bal file. The DetailsPage has an imageview ('defined' in its details.bal file)...
  3. epiCode

    Android Question Ideal Background Service Setup

    I am using B4XPages in my project. There is a TTS module which is supposed to play even when screen is turned off. It plays for a while then pauses and resumes only when screen is unlocked ( probably as long as tts queue is clear) So after a lot of forum search - using a service seems to be the...
  4. LucaMs

    B4XPages video tutorials

    I wrote here few minutes ago this post: but it is "hidden", there. So I submit the question here, as poll.
  5. LucaMs

    Italian Vantaggi dei progetti B4XPages

    Avevo già tradotto (non del tutto letteralmente) un thread di Erel su questo argomento, ma mi è appena capitato di "doverne" parlare e la traduzione si trova all'interno di un thread, sempre nel forum italiano; apro questo in modo che sia trovabile più facilmente, senza copiare tutto il lungo...
  6. J

    Android Question How to write to External Storage folder Download folder

    This concerns writing to my phone's External Storage Download folder using B4XPages . I've seen old threads at https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/runtime-permissions-android-6-0-permissions.67689/page-3#posts and...
  7. N

    B4J Question B4XPages and form SetOwner

    Hi all, I have searched the forums but didn't find a answer for this. I am trying to force a child b4xpage to be owned by the master page, so that master window (page) is disabled until the child is closed. I have tried this code, but the master page is not disabled. Private Sub B4XPage_Created...
  8. F

    Share My Creation ANSIDroid - ANSI Art on Android

    Another "weird" app of mine, to render and display ANSI art in Android smartphones. You can download any .ANS, .DIZ, .NFO, even .TXT file and render it on the fly on your phone. It supports SAUCE data , various palletes for matching colors and many, many, many bitmap fonts to achieve 100%...
  9. C

    Android Question Class instance was not initialized (b4xpagesdelegator) on resume

    Hello! I need some help, I don't know what is causing this error to appear. Didn't make any big changes to it and now the app dont even open Registro conectado a: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 --------- beginning of system --------- beginning of main *** Service (starter) Create *** ** Service (starter)...
  10. A

    Android Example [B4X] [B4XPages] XUI Views Example

    This is only an update to the original example from Erel. I'm starting to create cross-platform apps using B4XPages. It is mainly to B4A and B4J, because I don't use B4i, and I tried to put more views that it's not include in the original example. Any improvements are welcome.
  11. Marvel

    B4J Code Snippet Creating Jigsaw Puzzles (B4XPages)

    This is a very crude version of the code I'm using in a project to create a jigsaw puzzle. What it basically does is cut square images into jigsaw pieces. It's not very cleaned up, but feel free to use and extend as you want. What you can do with this code: Specify the puzzle row/column...
  12. Cliff McKibbin

    Android Tutorial Conversion of B4A to B4XPages

    Introduction The conversion of the first of my B4A Apps to the newer B4XPages structure was not trivial and involved over 20 hours of research, overcoming misunderstandings, and finding answers to many questions. This document is intended to be a reference for anyone that undertakes the task...
  13. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question What is the minimum android version to run B4XPages?

    What is the minimum android version to run B4XPages (I didn't find it in the b4xpages posts) ? I have a tablet with Android 4.2.2 and I get an error opening the app. Now I don't have the tablet to publish the log...
  14. _mandy

    Android Question B4XPages ShowPageAndRemovePreviousPages

    Hello, first post in any forums. So basically I have a global variable of sql on B4XMainPage class, my idea is that once the application opens, the sql database is loaded in public and can be called by different classes upon their initialization. This is so I could prevent it from locking...
  15. D

    Android Question B4xpagesmanager error

    Hello! I'm getting this error informed on firebase crashlytics, i can't reproduce it, so I don't know how to fix it or where's the problem. Fatal Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to read from field 'java.lang.Object com.empresa.appname.b4xpagesmanager$_b4xpageinfo.B4XPage'...
  16. Mariano Ismael Castro

    Spanish Folleto B4XPages en español

    Basado en este hilo he decido hacer una traducción de la guía original sobre B4XPages, hay algunas diferiencias notables sobre todo la fuente, algunos títulos, etc. Se adjunta el PDF
  17. R

    Android Question Converting to B4XPages

    I have a large project and looking into converting it to B4XPages. The structure of the project is like this: All screens are shown from Main by loading panel layouts (if screen is shown for the first time) or by making the required panel visible and making all other panels invisible. All panels...
  18. M

    Android Question Not solved [B4XPages] Barcode/QrCode scanner not detecting

    Hi everyone, i developed an app that uses the barcode/qrcode reader. i wanted to use b4xpages for the first time from the beggining of the project by following this example: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-b4xpages-barcode-reader.120417/#content. Now i finished everything. On my...
  19. I

    Android Question Showing a custom B4XDialog in B4XPages when pressing button

    Hi, I would like to show a custom dialog using B4XDialog when I press on a button (filter button) in B4XPages Toolbar. Someone can help me with an example? Thanks
  20. SimonAndroid

    Italian Problemi conversione da Activity a B4XPages

    Salve, ci risiamo ho provato a convertire un piccolo esempio con le B4XPages sperando di riuscirci ma continuava a darmi errori strani che preferisco allegare il file. L'esempio è una variante, estratto dal CardList che è un po' datato ma funziona bene allego link originale Card List. Spero che...