1. DarkoT

    B4J Question TabPane - how to open B4xPage inside of TabPane

    Hi to all with all best wishes for 2023... I need suggestion how to open different pages inside of tabpane; each modul should create new "tab" wich has same controls (buttons, label names, ...). Any suggestion - how to open b4xpage inside of TabPane?
  2. R

    Android Question B4XPages and ResumableSub

    Just starting with B4XPages and noticed that ResumableSub is not behaving the same as in a non B4XPages project. In an activity based project I can run this from Main with no problem: Dim rs As ResumableSub = CSV2List(File.DirRootExternal & "/PhonePats", "menu_props2.csv", True, 44, 34...
  3. C

    Wish B4XPages under the hood

    Hello, This is a wish. When B4Xpages has become the universal way of programming, it became more difficult for me to use the examples in the forum, as they as sometimes based on the original b4j UI. I would like to learn more about how B4Xpages works "under the hood", to have a better...
  4. C

    B4J Question B4X GameViewHelper.AddKeyListener

    Hello, Based on the game example, it is possible to capture keypresses using : GameViewHelper.AddKeyListener("GVH", Main.MainForm) How can I use this in B4Xpages? What parameter do I need to pass to link my form? B4XPages.MainPage or Root doesn't work. The example of Erel...
  5. R

    Android Question How to make this menu with B4XPages

    Thinking about finally moving to B4XPages, but not sure what to do with the menu. I am using AppCompat and Droppy (DonManfred) for the overflow menu items: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/droppy-dropdown-menu.81918/ All my screens are based on a panel and showing those screens is done...
  6. J

    Android Question B4XPages without titlebar

    Is it possible to display the pages without the title bar?
  7. MarcRB

    Android Question Changing orientation causes B4Xpages go back to first page.

    I think it is normal behaviour, that at the moment the user rotates the phone, the first B4Xpage in pagestack will be shown. But is it possible to change that behaviour? At the first page there was a login and at second page a dashboard. The third page contains some fields and a editable...
  8. james_sgp

    Android Question Callsub2 from a service with B4xpages

    Hi, i`m stuck on figuring out how to call a Sub on my B4xmainpage from a running service (i`m running FCM)? Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks, James
  9. Lucas Siqueira

    iOS Question Error with xui.MsgboxAsync("text", "title") with B4XPages.ClosePage(Me), page does not close

    When I display a message with xui.MsgboxAsync("text", "title") and then immediately order to close the page with B4XPages.ClosePage(Me) , on Android it works correctly, but on IOS it does not close the page, and when I click a button that I created and has the command to close the page, nothing...
  10. DarkoT

    B4J Question B4xPages - get all pages in app

    Hi, it' here way how to get all pages from App - when I'm using B4xpages template? Idea is that user can SAVE position and dimension for all pages to "local/temp" folder. I need to get the name, current position and resized dimension for all pages included in my app... Thanks... Br, DaT
  11. max123

    Android Question Problems with B4XPages, UltimateWebView and SDK 31 (Android 12)

    Hi all, I've tried to convert my app to use B4XPages and SDK 31, but encountered some problems that I don't know how to solve. In past I had an old 32bit PC with Windows XP (I always compiled with SDK <= 29) and now my new 64bit PC with Windows 11 finally arrived. Because this is absolutely a...
  12. D

    Android Question b4xpages label view best practise

    Hi, Guys I was just wondering if the the label view is the best way to display text on a page for x-platform (i.e. Android - iOS) application. The reason why I am asking, I always use Label views for text and cast it to B4Xview of in both B4A and B4i applications and has worked well in the...
  13. D

    Android Question Passing a reference to an object

    Hi, Guys I am having a problem - I am using B4X pages and have setup an object to store information used by may classes and pages in my application. In the App this global object (with a public attribute) resides in the B4XMainPage, however when testing is can reside elsewhere. So I have...
  14. D

    Android Question B4Xpages how to load a panel saved by Designer

    Hi, Guys I have what appears to be a simple question - How to you load a panel (created and saved using Designer) onto a B4X page? I have tried the following code and it does not show the new panel. Private Sub B4XPage_Created (Root1 As B4XView) Log("B4XAddPlayer_Created") Root = Root1...
  15. M

    Android Question [B4X_Pages] Runtime Permission inside Classes (Wait For)

    Hi everyone, I'm moving part of my code done in a B4XPage into a Standard Class. In this code i've a Runtime Permission CheckAndRequest that requires the "Wait For" block Private Sub BeginBLEscan rp_ble.CheckAndRequest(rp_ble.PERMISSION_ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) Wait For...
  16. A

    Android Question B4XPages and activities in the same project

    I have some big projects with several activities, that I want to change to B4XPages. As will be a huge work, I thinked in start with change only the main activity to B4XPageMain and maintained the other modules as activities, until change all. I want to know if there any problem in to use...
  17. Y

    Android Question Edittext does not shift when the virtual keyboard is displayed in B4XPages with immersive screensplash

    Hi, I made the following observation, after having integrated an immersive splashscreen in a B4X application (i.e.: in the Main): once displayed, the virtual keyboard does not allow the edittext to automatically shift upwards, despite the fact that I I also used "IME" in the relevant pages of...
  18. J

    Android Question Error in manifest for B4XPages project

    I'm getting an error on the Manifest when Compiling a B4XPages project. Error parsing manifest script: Line=1, Word=< Command expected Here is the Manifest: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"...
  19. J

    Android Question B4XView to contain text with scrolling

    I have a reasonably sizeable amount of text which I want to display. I want scrolling (ideally both vertical & horizontal, but at least vertical) so that if it's bigger than the space allocated in the Designer the user would be able to see all the text using scrolling. As I'm using B4XPages, I...
  20. E

    Android Question Error occurred on line: 15 (B4XPages)

    I'm trying to pass a list value from my app Main to B4XMainpage On my Main I have this CallSub2(B4XPages.mainpage, "select_clients", list2) And on B4XMainpage I have this code public Sub select_clients (title As List) 'Autocomplete Box select_business_name.Setitems (title) End Sub But...