1. I

    Android Question Showing a custom B4XDialog in B4XPages when pressing button

    Hi, I would like to show a custom dialog using B4XDialog when I press on a button (filter button) in B4XPages Toolbar. Someone can help me with an example? Thanks
  2. SimonAndroid

    Italian Problemi conversione da Activity a B4XPages

    Salve, ci risiamo ho provato a convertire un piccolo esempio con le B4XPages sperando di riuscirci ma continuava a darmi errori strani che preferisco allegare il file. L'esempio è una variante, estratto dal CardList che è un po' datato ma funziona bene allego link originale Card List. Spero che...
  3. P

    Android Question Download huge files with HttpUtils2 in B4xpages

    Download huge files with HttpUtils2 Sub btnDownload_Click Dim dd As DownloadData dd.url = link1 '<--- download link dd.EventName = "dd" dd.Target = Me CallSubDelayed2(DownloadService, "StartDownload", dd) End Sub Please, i used to use the above example to download files with...
  4. M

    Android Question [B4XPages] CallSub of a Page from a Class

    Hi everyone, i'm using B4XPages on Android and i have this scenario: I've a class that handles http requests (let's call A) I've a B4XPage (let's call B) When the app is opened/resumed, a method of the A class is called, when it finishes his work it must call a Sub that is located in B (if it...
  5. M

    Android Question [B4XPages] Handle page-indipendent function in Main (Pause, Resume, ...)

    Hi everyone, i need to put some code in the Main Activity with B4XPages because i need to handle the _Pause event, _Resume event, etc... and do things that are not page related (reason why i don't need those events in a particular B4Xpage). Similiar to what happends in iOS in the Main with...
  6. M

    Android Question [B4XPages] xSpeechRecognizer not working (but working in Standard B4A)

    hi everyone, i just converted a project from b4a standard to b4xpages. everything seems to be working, except for the xSpeechRecognizer that in the Standard project works, and in the b4xpages version not. When i click the button to start the listening this check fails: If...
  7. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Equivalent of Page_Click in B4XPages

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to translate a standard project in b4xpages. i pretty finished doing it. The last thing remaining to complete the "translation" is: How can i get the _Click event when i press on the page? before i was using PageEventName_Click Thanks in advance
  8. MList

    iOS Question B4X Pages and BLE

    🙈 Hello, my next problem My pgm B4i and B4a (later also B4j) is working with B4XPages. Where should i define the BLE manager ? (in B4XPages or in Main?) And where to initialize the manager? (in B4XPages or in Main?) How can I manage to access BLEManager from all pages.... Thanks for...
  9. LucaMs

    Share My Creation [Source code][B4X][B4XPages] lmPWsManager

    Source code of my passwords manager. [ NOTE. It is true that it is possible to save passwords in browsers but: 1 - I do not trust 2 - if I had to change PC? 3 - the passwords of the apps (for example banking)? ] It allows you to manage a SQLite database containing the passwords of your website...
  10. MList

    iOS Question B4X Pages Question

  11. LucaMs

    B4J Library [Tool] [Source code] lmRenameB4XPagesProject

    A tool to rename B4XPages project files. As you know, a typical B4XPages project looks something like this: If you want to change the project name, you need to manually rename 6 files - 2 for each platform - and the "main root folder" if desired (very often). In particular, you know how...
  12. DarkoT

    B4J Question TextField - handle TAB as Enter

    Hi guys, need little help... How can I handle Tab same as Enter; I need to get txtfield_Action when user move WITH TAB from one field to another... With Enter works perfect, I can not figure out how to catch Tab... I'm using B4J Pages for desktop app... Need example... Help, please... Tnx, DaT
  13. D

    Android Question In-App Update Library - Returns version 0 (B4XPages)

    Hello! I was trying to implement In-App update published by @ArminKh1993 here https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/in-app-update-library.126305/page-2#post-809707 Uploaded a new version to google play and left BridgeLogger true, when I debug the app the availableVersionCode is always 0 and...
  14. Lucas Siqueira

    iOS Question Add New Module B4XPages in B4I

    Hello, why in b4i 7.20 don't have the option to create a B4XPages module? Do I have to do any configuration? to appear or in the IDE do not have the option? (Remembering that the project is B4XPages)
  15. Lucas Siqueira

    iOS Question B4XPAGES + CLVSWIPE, erro ao carregar o aplicativo a primeira vez

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to build on clvswipe b4xpages, but when the application opens the first time, the clv is at a distance from the top (the red part in the image), which does not exist in the designer. something else when you try to slide, the event happens on the bottom clv item, not...
  16. irda

    Android Question How show or hide title bar for B4XPages?

    I am using the native menu together with B4XDrawer, but I am encountering a problem that I cannot find a solution for. I have three b4xpages. In the first two I don't want to show the title of the page so I have this option disabled in the layout designer. Despite this, the title bar appears on...
  17. Sandman

    Android Question [B4XPages] Where to declare pages?

    I'm converting my app to B4XPages, and I'm wondering if there's a recommendation on where to declare the pages? My app is about a dozen pages, and the user can (sort of) freely jump back and forth between them. At the moment I've declared all possible destination pages in each page. So if I...
  18. Marcos Alves

    iOS Question B4i Location Services

    Hello All, I'm using this sample code to implement location services in an app: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/location-gps.46148/#content I notice that, in the sample, when locManager.Initialize("LocManager") is called , Iphone automatically shows a message requesting...
  19. Marcos Alves

    iOS Question Progress Dialog B4XPages

    Hello all, is there any resource similar to B4A ProgressDialog when using B4XPages? Thanks!
  20. Guenter Becker

    Android Question SQLite Crypto

    Hello to you, I'm working with SQlite Version 3 and as known this kind of database has no encryption or password protection. But there is an enhanced clone of the native database as a GitHub Open Source Project is's called SQLiteCipher. The Documentation says that it is working like a standard...