1. drgottjr

    Share My Creation Camera2 - widen your horizons, reduce your footprint

    remember Camera2? looks like it will soon go the way of the original Camera api in android's Hall of Deprecation once people figure out how to use CameraX. anyway, i had occasion to revisit the Camera2 example app, more out of curiosity than anything else. there seemed to be no way to invoke...
  2. Z

    Java Question QR code scanning

    Hi, I have a small problem. this is original QR code from receipt I'm trying to scan it with different libraries and tried almost all of them from b4a site, based on google play service vision, I tried some Johan Schoeman solutions, Erel suggestions, tried taking pictures, grayscale...
  3. I

    Android Question Camera2 zoom function in Erel code

    Hello everyone, In this post from Erel in September 2017 there is an example of code related to the Camera2 library: Camera2 - New camera library Everything works perfectly. But in this example if you use the zoom and take a photo, it is the unzoomed version of the image that is saved. Do you...
  4. Rasoull

    Android Question camera for all devices

    Hello Which camera library do you recommend for using the following options? FlashMode-Torch-On-Off grid-Add GridLines Focus mode Image size
  5. OliverA

    B4A Class Camera2Torch - Torch using B4A's Camera2 library

    Attached is the class Camera2Torch. It uses B4A's Camera2 library to use Android's CameraManager's setTorchMode method. Please note that this method is only available since API23, whereas CameraManager is available as of API21. This has been successfully tested (via sideloading...
  6. Cainsoft

    Android Question Google Vision Barcode vs Camera2 module

    Hi, My application is based on camera2 tutorial: I would like to use the Google Vision Barcode: I looked at this...
  7. Cainsoft

    Android Question Camera2 example to landscape - preview image distortion

    Hi, I tried to use the camera2 example in landscape view. (#SupportedOrientations: landscape) The preview image has been stretched and enlarged, but the photo is good. (see attachment) I tried the following: - changed cam.PreviewSize.Initialize(1920, 1080) -> cam.PreviewSize.Initialize(1080...
  8. Q

    Android Question Camera2 - preview still stretched

    I'm using Erel's example for Camera2: I made only one change: #SupportedOrientations: unspecified When I rotate the phone in landscape mode, the preview (for both video and still image) is stretched vertically. If I...
  9. MARCO C.

    Italian Face Detect con lib Camera2

    Buongiorno, in riferimento a questa libreria Sapete dirmi se ha qualche funzione di "FACE DETECTION" . Per essere sinceri , non mi intessa riconoscere il volto e nemmeno rilevamento dei movimenti, ma solamente se...
  10. b4x-de

    Android Question CamEx2 Zoom in Preview AND Capture

    Hi, as Erel stated in this post the zoom in CamEx2 Class effects only the preview but not the capture of the photo taken: To change this behavior I added in CamEx2.setPreviewCropRegion a line...
  11. N

    Android Question CameraEx doesn't work.

    I want to take a picture when the PanelCamera is visible. But I can not initialize the camera. When I pressed on the BtnCamera, it just showed a black screen and return start camera false. But when I tried on a new project, it's work. I don't why, please help.. :(
  12. peacemaker

    Android Question Barcode detector: "setBitmap" instead of "setImageData" does not work

    HI, All Barcode detector uses ImageData from camera's _Preview (data() As Byte) event: Dim bb As JavaObject bb = bb.InitializeStatic("java.nio.ByteBuffer").RunMethod("wrap", Array(data))...
  13. peacemaker

    Android Question Camera_PreviewTaken event of CamEx2

    HI, All How to work with this event ? Seems, it is not fired.
  14. peacemaker

    Android Question Camera2 API and modern Android 9 devices cameras

    HI, All iI have found that the system camera app (of a new Android 9 device) can see another angle than my app based on CameraEx v.1.x - system camera shows wider picture vertically. And the sys app has 2 settings for this angle view. I'd like to reach the same max view angle. It's some...
  15. J

    Android Question Simple Watchdog not working

    My App using Camera2 occasionally crashes by going into Activity_Pause. I have created a watchdog attached, but I cannot get the activity to restart or resume. I have included MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION and also added it to the manifest, that part is working. The timer is also working as it is...
  16. Brandsum

    Android Tutorial Slow Motion video recording using CamEX2

    Here is the example of SlowMo video capture using Camera2 API and CamEX2 class. This is the code for recording slow-motion video which you can find at the bottom of CamEX2 Class of attached example, #Region HighSpeed/SlowMo Public Sub getHighSpeedVideoSizesAndFPS As List Dim scMap As...
  17. peacemaker

    Android Question Camera2 video capturing: Release compilation preview

    HI, All Strange situation with Camera2 usage for the video recording: 1) Debug version works fully OK: preview is restarted OK after each file saving. 2) But Release compilation shows the preview only for the very first time, and later the preview is not visible, but capturing is anyway OK. No...
  18. S

    Android Question Camera2 - Problem with Camera_SurfaceReady

    I'm writing a timelapse app using a foreground service to keep the process running and all is fine until the display "goes to sleep". When the Main Activity is re-awakened by a CallSubDelayed from my foreground service, there is no response from the line "Wait For Camera_SurfaceReady" in...
  19. walterf25

    Android Question Camera2 Library

    Hi all, i'm working on an app at work to test the cameras on a product we are developing, i was using the CameraEx class, but read somewhere that it was recommended to use the Camera2 library, i am able to deploy the apk just fine and am also able to see the camera preview, the issue i just...
  20. MarkusR

    Android Question Camera2 Problem at Android 5

    hello, i will use the camera 2 but it gave me an error. my device have 5.0.2 API 21 19. Dezember 2014 and it should work and i believe i tested it long ago and it worked. at my tablet device with android 6.0 it works. at os 5 the example said: Failed to open camera Sub OpenCamera (front As...