1. LucaMs

    Bug? Two open Designers

    Having two open b4j projects, I had also two open Designers. Their layout names were the same (I use always "layMain" for the main form), then probably I closed the designer of the "first project" and the "second project", so it seems that now the "first project" uses the layout of the "second"...
  2. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Views not scaling properly on LG K10 (2017).

    Hi Everyone, One of my customers sent me the attached screen shots showing my app views not scaling properly. His phone is the LG K10 (2017) model. I tested the app on several phones we own which are mostly Samsung. It scales well on the Samsung J7, S6, S7 Edge and S8. Can you tell me what I...
  3. K

    Android Question ULV with designer support example

    I want example of ultimatelistview with designer. My listview is getting complicated by code script. I want to create new designer layout and then load that layout, like we done in custom listview. Thanks
  4. Multiverse app

    Android Question Best way to arrange views in designer?

    For all B4A projects, I add all the views needed for different screens into one layout file and load their dimensions in Activity_Resume: I know it is a lot messy, but this way, it is easier to manage all the views from one single file. I wanted to know if this method is ideal? Or should I...
  5. A

    Android Question Delete view without using designer

    Hello, Recently I asked how to create imageview(for example) without using the designer.( Does anybode know how to delete view(for example imageview) also without using the designer? Thanks in advance.
  6. LucaMs

    Bug? Designer colors

    It seems that the Designer colors do not match those available for coding. I've just set the color of a button by Designer (ColorDrawable DarkGray) and then by code (created a ColorDrawable with Colors.DarkGray) and they do not match.
  7. MarkusR

    Wish designer propertys from runtime at loadlayout

    hello, i have a great idea to make the designer propertys more flexible / useful. i like to have the possibility to call a sub and the return value is used at loadlayout. i believe other editors would name this input expression / formula. as an extra field /data beside all property types which...
  8. A

    Android Question Error opening Designer

    I have spend a long time designing 2 bal files and after the last save, i can not open either one of them. it gives an error (in dutch, so I do not know exactly in english and there is no error number: The index is outside of the range... Is there a way to open a *.bal file?? (like a designer...
  9. Thorsen

    Wish Abstract designer - go to event implementation

    Hi, as a former VB6 user I expected to find a shortcut from designer to event code. For now I go to module and search for/create the implementation It's nice to generate from designer by right click on control - generate - I expected a similar - 'implementation/code' - submenu that would take...
  10. LWGShane

    Wish More CustomView Designer Properties

    1: #DesignerWidth and #DesignerHeight - Would allow us to set the default width and height of the "panel" that is created by the designer. 2: #DesignerAnchors - Would allow us to set the default anchors for our custom views.
  11. LucaMs

    Bug? Designer - moving N views

    As you can see, I select "few" views and I'm able to move them. If I select all (maybe too many) the views, I cannot drag them. Wish (in the wrong place :D): dragging a group of view, it would be useful to display the left and top coordinates of the first view, the one at the top left.
  12. shb777

    Android Question designer

    the first picture is from the designer. the second is when i run the program, and the seconf button doesn't show at all
  13. Jmu5667

    Android Question [RESOLVED] B4A Designer - Z-Order issues with Label & Panel views

    Hi In the Designer I have this. The above is made up of a parent panel, and 5 child panels, each child panel has an image contained in it. There are also 2 label view, shown over panel 2 and 3. When I view it in the WYSIWYG on the phone I get this(also compiled app on device): I have...