1. AbdurRahman

    Android Question how to solve java.exe high memory usage problem ?

    Hi guys, Thanks for being a part of b4x community, Before, I wanna share my pc details: - RAM: 4gb - OS: windows 10 x86 - Processor: x64 based - Type: Laptop Please see images: The strange thing for me is that its -Xmx is 2048m. Whereas, my environment variable named _JAVA_OPTIONS is...
  2. B

    B4J Question Trying to write some b4j code to connect to the Oracle Cloud

    Hi, Oracle has a tool, called RightNow. It provides resources for running queries and generating reports for remote databases. I'm looking at some Java code, as well as the Getting Started section in the...
  3. naldoxable

    Bug? [SOLVED] Received fatal alert: protocol_version

    Dear @Erel, I'm experiencing issues using my app with jOkHttpUtils2 outside B4J if I build the standalone package. I have already read other posts in this forum but I'm not sure how to proceed. I'm using the last version of B4J with openJDK 11 as written in the installation guide. I'm using...
  4. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Google Play reports crashes but the app works fine for me and others

    Greetings, Google Play is reporting that my radio streaming app is crashing with the same error across multiple devices including the same phone brand that I'm using. What has me confused is it doesn't crash on my phone and I had the app running during the day and also over night. Seems like it...
  5. MitchBu

    Bug? Why is my app crashing in 10.2

    My app is working just fine in B4A 10, but in 10.2, I get the java error below. I am not versed enough in the Java errors to find out what may be going on. Is there any way to know where I should look in my B4A code ? java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of...
  6. A

    Android Question makeClipRevealAnimation

    Hello, I want to use an animation between activities, using makeClipRevealAnimation. Unfortunately, Java and Android libs are real bullshit and totally beyond understanding... All I succeed to do is Dim jo As JavaObject jo.InitializeContext Dim ao As JavaObject =...
  7. carlos7000

    Spanish Ejecutar aplicación .JAR

    Hola a todos. Como mi computador estaba molestado lo borré, formatee e instale todo de nuevo. Para instalar b4J descargue jdk-11.0.1 ( y lo descomprimí en C:\jdk-11.0.1\ Luego ejecute el instalador de B4J y configure las rutas. La ruta de...
  8. S

    Android Question private key algorithm is not compatible

    Hi A few days ago I asked Google Play to reset the b4a sign key I made the sign key with this guide: keytool -genkeypair -alias b4a-keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 9125 -keystore b4a.keystore keytool -export -rfc -alias b4a-file upload_certificate.pem -keystore b4a.keystore If I compile...
  9. Ferdari

    Android Question (SOLVED)error: cannot find symbol: Inline Java Code

    Hi everyone, im integrating Huawei services like this: as there is no library i tried with Inline Java code: Integrated the JARS: 'Huawei #AdditionalJar: huawei/hianalytics- #AdditionalJar: huawei/hmssdk-opendevice- #AdditionalJar...
  10. Sandman

    Android Question Should I prefer Oracle Java 8 or OpenJDK 11 for B4A development?

    I'm considering re-installing my development machine from scratch, and took a look at the installation instructions for B4A. I saw that I can choose from two different Java versions: Oracle Java 8 or OpenJDK 11. I just wondered if there are any benefits to pick one over the other?

    I Need to Create a Wrapper from Java Library Code

    Hi, everybody I need to create a B4A library from Java Lib This is the library code: The job budget is US$ 50 and the expected delivery time is 4-7 days after the start - wait for proposals. Please help me, i am just a poor scientist...
  12. M

    Convert a Java (Android Studio) App into an Android Service

    I need an Android Studio Service written (actually just converted) to do a very simple task. I have an Android Demo App (written in Java in Android Studio by the supplier) to demonstrate that their bitmap converter library we bought actually works. The library is there and it does work in App...
  13. walterf25

    Android Question 2D Float Array Java to B4A

    Hi all, i could probably figure this out myself, but i've been working on an AR library which I will releasing soon to the forums, but I want to wrap as much as I can before i release it, and i'm trying to port a lot of the classes being used to B4A so that we can have full control of the entire...
  14. GGSoft

    B4J Question How to cast to java.util.Vector

    I am working with a .jar external library and I need to send a java.util.Vector data to one of its methods. How can I cast that type of data or convert a B4X array or a B4X list to a vector? The library's documentation says: public void setNoteList(java.util.Vector newNoteList) Replaces the...
  15. Shivito1

    Android Question Android will not let me upload my app

    requires new api however if i use new api my permissions are all messed up. is there away to ask for overlay permission via if java??? I don't want to update my version of b4a just to change a permission... Please help thanks. ** Service (notify_builder) Start ** PanelMain PanelMain PanelMain...
  16. MarkusR

    Found OpenXava for Web Applications

    at my search for "the Holy Grail" in developing software. i found a interesting tool for creating web applications. it use eclipse + java + a web server. i am not a web developer but for me the demo web apps look impressive and seem useful for business applications. i...
  17. Vinians2006

    Android Question [SOLVED] Error when loading Layout

    Hello my friends, sudenly I started to get an error when entering the scanning sctivity the message is in the image, the error is in Java line. Since its is on a Java line I cant debug! The image bellow, shows the error: More information about the error: This occurs even before I load the...
  18. abilio486software

    Java Question Dificult using an external .aar library

    Hello, I'm trying to integrate a MyPOS terminal payment SDK without success. At this moment I'm getting a compile error when include the .aar library: "Generating R file. Error C:\Android\tools\..\extras\b4a_local\unpacked-slavesdk-release-63698443706298\res\values\values.xml:137: error...
  19. Ariyan Ahmadpour

    Android Question compile with java 8

    hi friends how can we compile b4a project with java 8? Android Studio gradle code : compileOptions { sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8 targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8 }
  20. Alejandro Moyano

    Java Question I can't access an wrapper object from B4J

    Hi, im alex, im building an CRUD code generator and i need beautify the ugly generated code then i trying to wraps the library JTidy, but when i run it on b4j crashes. My knowledge of java is pretty basic, mostly remounts time ago at university, as my main languages are PL/SQL, VB.Net and...