1. solutionhacker

    Android Question SDK Compatibility for DJI Mavic Mini

    Hello, Does anyone know if there will be any compatibility or updates for the B4A library to support the latest release of the DJI Mavic Mini? It seems like this is one of DJI's most lightweight and improved quadcopter yet released. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything on DJI's...
  2. Chianca

    Android Question Using .aar library with JavaObject

    Hello, How can I use an .aar Library inside my B4A project? I've already added #AdditionalJar, but now, I want to call the methods of the Library. #AdditionalJar: libposdigital-1.4.0-2-release.aar
  3. L

    Android Question Third part library - JavaObject

    Hi All, I have to intercept, from an Android device, an event raised from a library of the device. I added the library with #AdditionalJar: companyregdevicelibrary In this library there is an "IButton" object that I initialize with JavaObject Dim CompDevice As JavaObject...
  4. ghale

    B4J Question [SOLVED] How to enable Jaybird library

    Hello people, I'm trying to figure out how to add jaybird library to a test project I'm doing because I want to connect to a Firebird database. So, from Firebird JDBC Driver page I've downloaded "" file and I've decompressed it. I copied "jaybird-3.0.6.jar" file into a...
  5. Chris Tyrie

    Wish VEML6075 Library wrap

    I give up. I can't wrap libraries. The data I get is nonsensical. Can someone wrap either... There's an under the table bribe to your paypal...
  6. R

    Android Question Problem with Droppy library with labels

    Posted this is a different thread: but the problem in that thread (lost button click event) has been solved, but got a different problem now and that is that if I use labels for the menu items (which seems to be needed to specify...
  7. A

    Android Question Activity recognition stops working when closing the app

    Hi there! I tried to build a sample app that notifies (using nb6) when the current user physical activity changes (using physical-activity-recognition-detection library). It worked, but after closing the app with the user's 'task manager' (where you 'swipe' apps to stop them), I stopped...
  8. Jordi Morente

    Android Question HP Printers Library (Android Studio)

    Hello, I have the JetAdvantage LinkLib.aar library to access HP printer services. How can I do to use it in B4A?
  9. Melek

    Android Question Connect Mysql Library Hello, I was following what Erel published, but I do not know how to do it with Shared Web Hosting, for example with Hostinger. I have the Mysql database there, and I activate Remote Mysql for that...

    Android Question Starting with MSSQL with jtds-1.3.1

    Hello, Im with B4X 9.30, working dev : Win10 I Want to connect with : External MSSQL DB Shared hosting : on Windows serv. 2012 Sorry im a newbie with MSSQL connecting script, but with that .jar : jtds-1.3.1.jar downloaded on : ttps:// I dont...
  11. Giorgos_xou

    B4J Question Any Library Wrapper ?

    Hello people, I am trying to use an Additional-external library with B4J and the only ways i found out that i can, is either by using "#AdditionalJar: jocl-2.0.1.jar" or as i understund by this post, by making a wrapper from the source code using the "B4J_SimpleLibraryCompiler.exe". I was...
  12. A

    Android Question MQTT library for B4A

    Hello, I am now trying the chat MQTT example by Erel, but it shows (on B4A) that a library of MQTT and MQTT broker is missing. I didn't find any MQTT library for B4A... Does anybody know how to download the MQTT library for B4A? Thanks in advance
  13. Jeffrey Cameron

    Android Example Fan Menu

    After all the work I went through to make the simple pie graph, I noticed I had 90% of the code to make a "Fan Menu" type library so I went ahead and created the following prototype: I don't have the time to create a full-fledged/featured library for this control, so I figured I would upload...
  14. M

    Android Question WSQ (fingerprint) library ?

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a reasonably priced or free Android library that will allow me to convert regular images (eg. jpg, png, bmp) into the WSQ (fingerprinting) format ?
  15. Marco Nissen

    Beta PDFium - Pdfview2

    Regarding the new PDF library wrapper by @DonManfred Hi, I still get the ontap issue - if I tap the pdf, I get the error below with the sample code (no change) java.lang.Exception: Sub pdfium_ontap was not found. at anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.raiseEvent2( at...
  16. Marco Nissen

    Wish New Wrapper: AndroidPDFViewer

    Hi can somebody work on a wrapper library for ? That one is licensed as Apache 2.0, and provides scrolling, zooming, etc Thanks Marco
  17. alwaysbusy

    Share My Creation [BANano] Web App library with Abstract Designer support (v7 BETA is out!)

    Download the latest version here: BANano is a FREE B4J library to create websites/webapps with (offline) Progressive Web App support. Unlike its big brother ABMaterial, BANano does not rely on any particular...
  18. wonder

    Android Tutorial How to fix the multiple native libraries problem

    Error: It might happen that, when combining multiple native (JNI) libraries, your Android app will crash with an UnsatisfiedLinkError. Why does this happen? Well long-story-short, your libraries differ from each other in terms of ABIs (target CPU architecture). For a detailed explanation...
  19. Dave O

    Android Question CharSequence vs. CSBuilder in parameters?

    If we want to include support for CharSequence in our classes and libraries, should we be changing external-facing String parameters (and any related internal ones) to CSBuilder? (If I understand correctly, we can't reference CharSequence directly.)
  20. wizard699

    Wish Libraries list

    Erel, it's possible, in a future version, to show in the Libraries list, version number also for library not selected? In this manner it's possibile to view immediatly older libraries installed. Thanks