1. Mashiane

    Android Tutorial MySQL data to webview using PHP

    Hi there The purpose of this is to demo how one can add, update, read and display mysql database records into a webview. 1. Setting up development environment For this we have used, Xampp with MySQL, BlueStacks android emulator to install and test our apk, some php with CRUD functions etc...
  2. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANano]: [SOLVED] Using MySQL / MSSQL with PHP

    Hi there Update: April 8, 2019 Solution [BANAno] MySQL CRUD with PHP - Part 1 [BANano] MySQL CRUD with PHP - Part 2 I have an issue that I need to address. I have a backend that I need to speak to from my BANano App, this could either be MySQL or either MSSQL (no decision as yet). I guess...
  3. Guillermo Manoukian

    Spanish JRDC2

    Hola a todos!, soy nuevo en el tema de B4A y estuve revisando un poco varios foros y veo que hablan mucho de JRDC y JRDC2(recomendado), como soy nuevo en esto mi pregunta es si este Middleware que codificó Erel se puede correr en Linux mediante, Apache, Tomcat, Daemon ú otra forma. Alguno tiene...
  4. E

    Spanish EJEMPLOS VARIOS: Modelo cliente-servidor con MySQL, ODBC,ANDROID,WAMP etc.

    Buenas a todos. En este enlace!jKRDXCgT!3BgdgywykwpV4tXfR5A6s7lemuvj0Pl8DUnKajYkB0Q podran descargar un zip con ejemplos de modelo cliente servidor. Veran que no es nada nuevo pero: No fallan con las ñ y acentos. Corren en las versiones ultimas de WAMP (mysql vs msqli) Hay...
  5. R

    Android Question Problem with JRDC2 / java and "Object should first be initialized"

    Hello, I'm facing a big problem with an app developed in B4A already on production, that is driving me crazy. The problem started this morning with no reason. I was working yesterday and sent an update to customer to check everything was ok before upload it to google play. until this morning...
  6. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Using jSQL to Lock a mySQL table for writing

    Hello. I'm writing an app that allows several computers to add new orders to the database. To avoid any conflicts, I want to make sure that when one system is adding a new list of orders, no others can interrupt and will have to wait for the first one to finish up. I understand that the most...
  7. Julio Montilla

    Android Question Because my apk can not connect my mysql server when I compile in (Release) mode

    I am using the version of b4a 5.80 My code Sub Process_Globals Dim mh1 As MysqlHandler Dim rs1 As ResultSet End Sub Sub conectar mh1.Initialize("", "database", "usuario", "password") If mh1.isConnected= False Then...
  8. KMatle

    B4J Tutorial Updated MySQL & PHP example

    Before you start: You need some experience with php, Apache Servers, OkHttpUtils, Lists, Maps and JSON structures. This is an updated example of how to - communicate with a apache server via OKHttpUtils calling a php script - doing MySQL data requests (Insert, Update and Delete) using...
  9. diegolyanky

    Spanish App-->SMF Alguna idea...

    Hola a todos: Estoy empezando a full con B4X... ya hice 3 cursos, y la verdad es que vá de pelos !!... Y en cuanto al pedido este, nunca me animé a registrarme y pedir ayuda... No sé, como que pensé que no me darían mucha bola... (perdón por la expresión :) ) Dispongo de un foro, hecho en php...
  10. Manrique Suarez

    Spanish Conexión PHP, MySql, AWS, Google Cloud y otros hosting

    Hola a todos, espero se encuentre bien. Quisiera solicitar colaboración para lo siguiente. Estoy trabajando en B4A V7 y funciona muy bien, trabajando con base de datos de mysql a través del PHP en hosting de godaddy. Por otro lado, el caso es que, en hosting diferentes, como el AWS y el de...
  11. jroriz

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Hostgator - too many requests to database

    Hi everyone. I developed an application that accesses MySql remotely. The provider (Hostgator) sent me an alert saying that I am sending too many requests to the database. The log of requests they sent me does not help much: I'm guessing that may be the way I'm accessing the database. Is...
  12. LucaMs

    B4J Tutorial Hint about ("remote") DB queries

    After (unfortunately) having write many functions (in a code module in my b4j server project) which access a MySql, I remembered a fundamental rule: use Try-Catch when accessing external resources. So I thought to change all the functions that access the DB (and unfortunately all the calls to...
  13. A

    B4J Question Read text file into MySql table

    Hi Guys, Looking to have my app read the contents of a delimited text file and update a MySql table with that data. I have had a look around and was wondering if anyone had any examples or has done something similar they would like to share around best practices etc? Thanks
  14. K

    Android Question MySql to Sqlite

    Hii Expert I want to make app that download data from mysql and insert it into android db file. Plz give me example or sample code. I am new in B4A
  15. LucaMs

    MySql online utility

    I did not know it; It seems very useful.!9/7137c/1
  16. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Question jRDC2 execute statement from SQL trigger (MySQL)

    Hello, my Problem is, i use firebase push (send push messages, subscribe to topics, unsubscribe) and this must act with my database (MySQL)... Currently I'm doing this in a SQL Trigger, where I call a B4J script, but the problem is that it can come that I need to call 3 scripts in a trigger...
  17. O

    iOS Question How to connect to a mysql Database

    I want to connect to a Mysql Database over the Internet. In B4a it is no problem with the mysql library. But how it works in b4i?
  18. raphipps2002

    Android Question Mysql android connection

    I can write in and b4a and have a app which creates a Mysql hosted online. I want to be able to read that Mysql and get records from vb but NOT from b4a. I want to read the mysql from my ANDROID app I have asked an indian developers to write a class so i can attach to my Android...
  19. DroidLyon

    Android Question Dynamically creating tabstripviewerpage tabs with XUI customlistview

    Hi all I'm trying to dynamically create a number of tabs based on content from a SQLLite database. These tabs are then populated with data into XUI customlistviews and where I attempt to lazy load as per Erels guide here Rather than hard code and use multiple designer created clvs and events...
  20. TomDuncan

    B4J Question datetime from mysql

    Hi All, I have a field in a mysql table which gives the result like "1517191800" How can I display this as the correct time. (Around 1pm on 29th Jan 2018) Timezone is +11 hrs (10 + daylightsaving) (Hobart, Australia) Tom