B4J Question For the VPS backend, which OS?


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Hi all, have been combing through the boards, and I see bits and pieces of references for backend stuff, but nothing definitive (perhaps that's the answer) about which way to go as far as selecting the OS for the Virtual Private Server (VPS) and B4J/I/A.

For those that have experimented, any particular recommendation? (Related to ease of setup/maintenance/reliability with B4J/I/A apps)

My setup is to have a VPS running MySQL, with RDC2 and a B4J server-side app. Front end from any of the platforms, with push notifications desired.




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I had some previous knowledge about Ubuntu, but decided to follow advice by a friend (IT manager) who favoured CentOS as a better alternative for a production level server installation.
Day 0 was a nightmare; everything looked so different..! Then day after day I managed to complete simple tasks so I built some more confidence about it.
I still have to browse to accomplish new tasks but, afterall, I'm not an OS specialist.

Probabily the best advice is to use the OS you're more comfortable with.
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