1. M

    iOS Question XUI Views Example NOT installable

    Hi, i tried to run the example of XUI views from @Erel but i can't install it. iPhone prompts me that the "B4i Example" App must be updated by the developer, and let me choose from "delete" or "store". But i can't open it. Why this happends?
  2. A

    Android Question Question about the application update.

    Hi all. I have a question about the application update. I have an app (let's say version 5.5) installed from the Google Play market running on my Android phone. I've made some changes , changed version number to 5.6, created apk and uploaded the update to the Google Play market. A few hours...
  3. K

    Android Question Progressbar with SQLite NonQuery

    Hi Experts, This is SQlite Update Code Dim count,limit,offset As Int count = db.ExecQuerySingleResult($"select count(*) from a"$) limit = 100 offset = 0 Do While offset < count db.ExecNonQuery( _ $"UPDATE a SET amt= (update sum values here)...
  4. saeed10051

    B4J Question Update a record in mysql using php

    Hi, i am trying to update a record in an online mysql database. using following php script <?php $conn = new mysqli("pdb48.awardspace.net", "3373050_restaurant", "abc123", "3373050_restaurant"); if ($conn->connect_error) { die("ERROR: Unable to connect: " . $conn->connect_error); }...
  5. Mrphone

    Android Question Show screen updates

    Hi I want to create a program that does something every time the screen is updated Like Show screen updates in Developer options 👇 👇👇 Thanks in advance for answering😘
  6. solutionhacker

    Android Question SDK Compatibility for DJI Mavic Mini

    Hello, Does anyone know if there will be any compatibility or updates for the B4A library to support the latest release of the DJI Mavic Mini? It seems like this is one of DJI's most lightweight and improved quadcopter yet released. Unfortunately, I was not able to find anything on DJI's...
  7. M

    Android Question CRASH using AppCompat object

    Hi everyone, i recently opened up a project that i stopped some time ago, before all the updates. In the project i used AppCompat Checkboxes and switches and as soon as the layout loads up the app crashes. I tried to remove the checkboxes, switches ans library, and it doens't crash anymore...

    Android Question updating app via the Store

    Hello, When my app purpose an update to the user, like below : (by checking if exists new version trough the webapi) is there a good way to make the script ? - Close the app - Launch the Store app (PlayStore or AppStore , if exist) - make it positionning on the app into the store folder (like...

    Android Question Sqlite Database options

    Hello, I like to get a suggest of method, regarding best practices for my App : 1/ i have an SQLITE db that contain general setting strings and language strings for its operation, and independent of user data. I systematicaly copy that DB from asset dir to Internal, so even after app updating...

    Android Question Migration SQLite during app Updating

    Hello, Ok, i know that no Sqlite data will be lost during an upgrade, only when we uninstall the app. But if i need to change the data format between 2 versions, (in this case, add a field) i would have to implement some migration code. what is the just method for doing this ? Thanks Michel
  11. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANanoSQLUtils] A BANanoSQL helper class for CRUD functionality

    Good day UPDATE 2020-05-19: Please use this library instead The attached class will help you in creating basic sql statements for CRUD functionality using BANanoSQL. We feature CREATE, UPDATE, UPDATE & DELETE statements, we also have added, creating a table. Whilst this class will work...
  12. M

    B4J Question [SOLVED] silent installer

    I tried to make my program autoupdate itself but whitout success, its posible to modify ui apps packaging?, to achive a silent instalation , i mean a instalation without user interaction.
  13. carlos7000

    Spanish ¿Cómo actualizo una base de datos?

    Hola a todos. Me pregunto si alguien me puede ayudar con unas lineas que me permitan comparar, al iniciarse el programa, la base de datos del dispositivo contra la que se encuentra en File.DirAssets, y si es una versión anterior, reemplazarla con la una nueva, todo esto, antes de que el...
  14. Cornelius Smit

    Android Question GPS Running and tracking in background

    Good day are there any sample application in B4A to do gps tracking and updating a database even when the screen is locked.The app needs to start when the device boot and update at all times.
  15. KMatle

    Other Updates for sqlite-jdbc

    Check for updates here: https://bitbucket.org/xerial/sqlite-jdbc/downloads/ Newest version (18.8.2018): sqlite-jdbc-3.23.1 Just copy the newest version to the AdditionalJar folder and delete the old one. Set the reference in "#Region Project Attributes" #Region Project Attributes...
  16. R

    iOS Question Update Text Label

    Hello, I have a problem with an application that must show the progress of the import of some data. The Label that should be updated with each new entry does not change, but remains only the first entry. If, however, the program is blocked, the label is updated. Below is an example of what the...
  17. KMatle

    Wish Online notification/automatically download of new internal libs

    Wasn't it a good idea if we had an online notification inside B4x about new internal libs? Perfect was if then the libs are downloaded automatically :-)
  18. Javier Campo Martinez

    Android Question B4A SQL get number of records affected by UPDATE transaction

    Hi guys !!! Is there any way ( through the SQL library) to obtain the number of records affected by an UPDATE transaction over a database? ( no matter if it's Oracle|SQLite|MySql|etc...) without querying the database. Thanx in advance. Javier