1. EnriqueGonzalez

    B4x Focused VPS

    Hello everyone! In the past few years i have been working with many people here in the forum with a wide range of projects yet all of them have in common that they need a server, sometimes for a simple JRDC2 and other times for a full fledged Jserver implementation. Well today i am offering a...
  2. Dave O

    B4J Question best Linux distribution for simple cloudKVS B4J server?

    Hi all, I created a B4A checklist app that stores data locally on the device, but now I'd like to offer users the option to collaborate on their lists with others, so I'm planning to use cloudKVS on a VPS. (Already have a test app working on a Windows laptop with 2 Android devices connecting...
  3. HassanProgrammer

    B4J Question How to use b4j on vps?

    Hello I want to use b4j on vps for the first time. I want to create a clip making program with b4a so that the user sends a series of information such as photos, text, etc. to the server and this information will be sent to b4j. In b4j and on the server, a series of changes may be made to the...
  4. Peachy

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] Websocket losing connection

    Hello, having an issue with our ABMaterial service, we have it set up behind an nginx reverse proxy which connects through ssl to cloudflare for our URL. For some reason recently the pages websocket has started to drop connection and reload itself, this happens on any page. if you would like to...
  5. aeric

    B4J Tutorial [Server] Using Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu VPS

    #1 How to: Install Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu Linux VPS to Create SSL Certificates Downloading and Installing Let's Encrypt 1. Update the server's packages apt-get update & sudo apt-get upgrade 2. Install the GIT package apt-get install git 3. Download a clone of Let's Encrypt from the GitHub...
  6. Alessandro71

    B4J Tutorial Running a B4J Server on Amazon EC2 Linux

    This procedure starts from a freshly installed AWS EC2 Linux instance and installs a B4J server, named B4J.jar, configured as a daemon. This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of a Linux environment, expecially the vi editor. Prerequisites SSH access with ec2-user Device /dev/xvdh is available...
  7. KMatle

    B4J Code Snippet (VPS)Servers in prod: Disable Port 22 when you don't need it

    Not a snippet, more a serious advice: Just playing with my VPS-Server in prod and I mentioned tons of login tries from guys trying to get access to the root account. My provider (IONOS, ex 1and1/1und1) offers a console where you can switch off ports by default (like a firewall before the...
  8. NFOBoy

    B4J Question For the VPS backend, which OS?

    Hi all, have been combing through the boards, and I see bits and pieces of references for backend stuff, but nothing definitive (perhaps that's the answer) about which way to go as far as selecting the OS for the Virtual Private Server (VPS) and B4J/I/A. For those that have experimented, any...
  9. I

    B4J Question Deploy B4J NonUI server on a windows VPS

    Hi There I am using a modified copy of ServerExampeNoMySQL and all is working fine in debug mode. I am wondering what is the best way to deploy and run the release version on a windows VPS. Which files and folders are we supposed to copy and why do I get "file not found error" in release mode...
  10. behnam_tr

    B4J Question run b4j app on vps(windows server)

    hi can i run b4j app on vps? windows server vps ? my app is ui app and contain forms and views and sqllite database
  11. MarkusR

    German virtueller privater Server - welchen nutzt Ihr?

    Hallo, was nutzt Ihr günstiges um z.B. B4J+Jetty+ABMaterial+mySQL online zu haben?
  12. Harris

    Other Cheap VPS Solutions for Your Consideration

    https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/looking-for-a-cheap-reliable-vps-this-black-friday-thru-cyber-monday.99677/ Many previous posts have asked where they can get an affordable VPS to host their web projects. This is what I use and recommend. Granted, if you want to play in this...
  13. avalle

    B4J Question Server app hosting in Azure

    I'm trying to host a B4J server app in Microsoft Azure Web App cloud. I've followed the instructions to host in other VPS services but I can't get nohup there. Has anyone done it successfully?