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It happens the other way around too.
A "customer" agrees for a payment and when the project is over asks for a substantial discount, counting on the fact the programmer already ended the job and most think that some money is better than nothing.
It happened to me a couple of years ago. I kept the project (i.e. source code) and he kept his money along with sure problems with his customer due to deadlines (having to start the whole project from scratch).
From win-win to loose-loose sometimes is just a matter of stupid roguishness.

btw: I had the opportunity to reuse most of that work on subsequent jobs.. :)


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don't know how your situation had, but as my experience - just make sure before you set an agreement, you got the scope of app which will built... client know what he want and developer get what you needs, client give developer detail (yes, very-very detail) data and information ie forms, reports, process, validation, diagram, flow-process, how it's works or better client has app mock-up and etc.. etc... so developer can start write the code with confidence... there were unpleasant feel situation while in the middle to end phase of development the client change (add/remove) the requirement that out-of scope and never been discuss before.

Set the timeline of development longer as developer can achieve, it's better the app finish sooner rather than out of timeline.
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I agree with you. In a perfect world a prospect customer approaches you with a detailed project so you can estimate both cost and time to develop.
Unfortunately that's rarely so (at least in no-highly pro situations).
Talking about the above situation, the customer had just a rough idea of his requirements and he needed a prototype to show his client in order to receive a feedback and some new input for the project. And yes, a few changes were introduced along the way.
Fortunately I had enough experience to design things in a way that last minute changes didn't impact decisively on the work already done.

Anyway, I commented here just to say that both customers and programmers could be unreliable and/or dishonest.
If you're lucky everything goes smooth and you can concentrate on next job; otherwise you learn a lesson and..concentrate on next job!


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I agree that some sort of in-forum regulation should be enforced for in-forum business transactions.
A rating would be the minimum info for starters, both on the dev, as on the customer.
A customer would then know if a particular dev is reliable or not, as would the dev about the costumer.
Additionally there could be some info about projects done, as for the complexity, time needed vs estimated, final cost vs estimated cost, etc...
If not in-forum, it could be done "outside"


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Initially i paid 50% amt, he just developed some screen in B4A,
expressed his need for money, so i paid another 35% , after some period,
the developer thought it cannot be done in B4A,
than he shifted the entire issue to B4J, again same issue, than he shifted project to Banano-Webix,
now after 2 year of suffering and mental harassment,
now developer say project is completed from his side, such horrifying experience,
50% is more than enough; if the programmer needs more money it is not for development but for his own problems!

Anyway, from what you say we can sense that he is a member of this community and it would probably be useful for others to tell us who he is.


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To learn from this (bad) incident, which unfortunately B4X has nothing to do (and it happens in all professions).
  1. Do share code/screen in conversation/private mode.
  2. BUT discuss in forum with the developer.
  3. This way he/she will know that others KNOW about him/her working for you.
  4. This will add check on him/her turning rouge.
  5. Also if discussion in forum, experts can give better and quicker solutions too.
Sincere request to the said developer, "Please keep up the image of selfless members of the Forum"