Bug? 9.5 Bug designer does not save Animationduration value


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Not sure if it is related to the Beta

When i open a Design using CTRL-click on the Loadlayout
The animation default of 400 is shown.

I then change the AnimationDuration to 0 and save the Layout. I quit designer

When i CTRL-click on the same Loadlayout like before the Designer does show 400 again
I did this 10 times now.
Set to 0, save, load designer again. Back to 400

IF i do use the "Selector" and change the Value to something other than 400 (fr example 200) and then save the layout and load it again the designer does show 200 in this case again.

changing the value like this does work

Just editing the value manually does not work when saving the layout.

Sorry, i should have created a thread in bugs and wishforum. Unfortunately i can not remove my thread. Please move to Bug and wishforum.


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I tried with the definitive version 9.50 (released today by Erel). If I try to enter 0 instead of 400 and save the data is saved regularly, if I open the layout I find the new value 0.
So here work without problem