B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] Package your WebApp with InnoSetup


Well, this is not related to ABM per se, but due to the fact that I wanted to package an ABM app for distribution for users to use in in their computers without the need of an internet connection or java installation, I stumbled upon a working solution.


There is an app I need to provide to my users to install on their desktops and use offline.

What will you need.

1. Inno Setup
2. Launch4j
3. Java JRE folder


0. Create your ABM WebApp and run it, ensure everything works perfectly. Its better to have the app coded to open the web-browser automatically when it starts.

1. Follow this post here..
In summary, after you compile your working version of your ABM WebApp, create a folder in your c drive, call it MyApp for example, copy the contents of your Objects folder (of your app) to it as is. Copy the jre folder from java to the new c:\myapp folder. The post details how and an example included. I have also included an example of my Launch4J xml file there as an example.

2. After your exe is compiled by Launch4j, start and run Inno Setup. Here is a demo video on how I did it. IMPORTANT: Note that in additional files I selected the complete folder that contains both the jre and my www and jar folder.

3. After exe compiled, the output file, in this case 87MB can be distributed and installed by end user.

4. Its better to install directly to the C drive when asked to choose an install directory as Program Files is read only and gzipping your images will not work when your app runs.


All the best.