Wish Add a project specific libraries folder


Licensed User
As we all know, there are two folders for libraries:
  1. Internal Libraries

  2. Additional Libraries

Both of these relate to the installation of B4A itself. But when I create a project I might use some libraries in it that are no use in the rest of my projects. Also, when checking in my project using git (or some other vcs) it would be super helpful if the exact libraries I've used was included.

There are lots of possible solutions for this, but the easiest one that I've thought of might be to simply add a third library folder that's placed within the project folder, like so:
  • MyProjectFolder
    • (bas files, as usual)
    • Files
    • Objects
    • Libraries <-- new folder

An additional benefit from doing like this is that it would be super simple to try out libraries from the forum without adding clutter to the Additional Libraries folder. And if one feel a library is so nice that one wants to use it in all projects, it's only a matter of moving it into the Additional Libraries.

So, bottom line, I propose adding support for a library folder within the project directory.

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