Share My Creation Amazing E-Learning System : Source Code


*Thank you @Erel for making this possible for us :)

We would like to announce that we have developed an amazing E-Learning System!
It enables the student to browse and purchase courses even Tests (Quizzes)


The client-Android Features :
1- Sign in/Signup
2- Amazing UI
3- Browse Categories and sub categories
4- Browse Courses (Videos, Reviews, most frequent questions and answers, etc...)
5- Purchase Courses
6- Browse and Purchase Tests (Quizzes)
7- Filter the search
8- View/Edit his/her own profile
9- Purchases history

Courses Details :
Each course has a profile, in the profile the admin is able to upload video preview of the course and the full details (Time to finish the course, Description, price, etc...)
Tests (Quizzes) Details :
1-The admin is able to sell Tests (Quizzes) and link them to any course published.
2-Each Test (Quiz) is time managed, meaning the student has a specific period to finish the test and the period is set by the system admin.

Messaging :
The student is able to contact the teacher/admin by sending private messages through the app

Notifications enabled :
Any update occurs; from receiving a new message to a new course has been announced, the use will always get notified.

The System Admin :
1- Able to manage every course, categories, sub categories, Tests (Quizzes), Uploaded Media, etc...
2- Able to manage students information
3- Student's subscriptions management

The system admin is able to change any price in any time in a form of "discounted price"

Documents :
The system is able to show Videos,Images, PDF and Word Documents

Sharing :
The student is able to share the app with any of his friends.

Amazing UI
Complex UI yet so simple to use, we have taken a very long time designing the UI from scratch and the end results are amazing.


*And many other amazing features.
*The source code includes the Logo PSD and any other PSD that were created for this project.
*The source code includes a word document contain the instructions for the installing and running the app.

The system is built using :
1- B4J
2- B4a
3- Microsoft SQL Database
4- JRDC2 Technology

Release Date : 09-03-2021 (dd-mm-yyyy) The project has been released :)

Project Price : 30$

*If you have any question or you need help please contact us @ : [email protected] or @ : [email protected] and we will get back to you right away.

Thank you,
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Sounds great!

I'm not sure though whether this addresses my question of a teacher being able to assign "To Do" tasks to learners. For me this is besides the quizzes, but something like an assignment etc that needs to be submitted on a particular due date. Can you please be more explicit?

I guess the last item is addressed by 1 above. The point of interest is rather a scheduling functionality. Lets say for example a time-table. One logs in and is able to see upcoming classes and their dates etc, for today, for the week, month as an example.

Thanks again for the explanations.
Your points have been taken into considerations and we have added them to the To-Do list which they will be included in the next update :)

Thank you,


I found this error (B4A Project):
[IDE message - 10:00:36]
An error occurred.
Could not find file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere Software\Basic4android\libraries\extension-rtmp-2.11.3.aar'.