Android Question Android support repository not found


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I am startind a new installation in a Windows10 VM machine
I installed jdk 11, Android , B4A 9.30
all my path are correctly set
I started the B4A SDK Manager and install the recommended packages

my application is using the AHViewPager library (I have it in my additional librairies)
but I need to install the Android Support Repository (V47 ? )
and in the B4A SDK manager I don't see this package ??

of course I get this error : class file for not found

what am I doing wrong ?

thanks for any help, I am stuck



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OK, I clic on jetifier line in the tools menu
A window appear and disapper,
but in the B4A SDKmanager, still no Android Support repository

what is suppose to do the jetifier ?

thanks for your help


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This is the error I get :

B4A Version : 9.30
Java Version : 11
Analyse du code. (0.00s)
Building folders structure. (0.02s)
Compilation du code. (0.34s)
Compilation du code des layouts. (0.05s)
Organiser les bibliothèques. (0.00s)
(AndroidX SDK)
Génération du fichier R. (0.00s)
Compilation du code du débogueur. (0.00s)
Compilation du code Java. Error
B4A line: 81
src\b4a\quickcall\ error: cannot access PagerAdapter
class file for not found
1 error


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I put a \ at the end of the path, if not the B4A disappear...
but removing the \ I am able to jetified my additional library
and because I add manualy android-support-v4.jar
(I copied it from mmy old installation)
I am able now to build my application

but why the android support repository is not display in the B4A SDKManager ?


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Ok thanks
I didn t kwnon that...
To be able to use Ahpageviewer what is the name of the small part to download from the b4a sdkmanager
Thanks a lot