Android Question B4A-Bridge no longer installs APK

Michael Müller Anywhere

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Hi there,
from one day to the next, the B4A bridge no longer installs apps on my devices.
The B4A-bride shows no (blue) progress bar.

  • The connection from B4A to the bridge is active, by click on "connect" the B4A-Bridge Info change from "waiting for connect" to "connect".
  • Clicking "Run" in Release mode will also generate the APK. The file is in the "objects" folder.
  • The building process ends with "Install file on device" Error --> Process timed out. (timeout is 60 seconds).
  • I have always updated from V 11.0 to 11.20 today, I have re-installed the B4A-Bride and give all permissions
  • windows-restart does'nt help
  • it affects all my apps, including all demo-apps from here
  • the same error on 3 devices (1 phone, 2 tablets)
  • manual install via qr-code is possible

    is there a way to search for the cause (log files, etc)