Android Question B4a limitations?


Again very good software.

What are the limitations however compared to AS?

I call them controls but you call them views, so how many more views would say AS have compared to b4a?

Say I wanted a round button for example, could you just load a series of images one on top of the other to emulate a round button, like sprites etc?

I don't want to start learning this if I come to find it's very limited what you can display.

Can you load custom controls?


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about round corners, its a little bit hidden until you change a combobox.
you can also put an imageview in background of a button.
if u need simple icons in text u can change the typeface to material icons or font awesome.
(there are 3 propertys of .text)

i not faced real limitations, more likely obstacles.
so you need work for some months with b4x to experience all secrets.

here u can create a usercontrol/customview
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