Bug? B4A v.5.02 IDE on XP SP3 is very slow during typing on the keyboard.


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Thanks Erel. Yes that definitely helps. I wasn't aware of the INI settings until I read the thread.


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Just may help somebody else:

I've changed the power settings, both on the real machine and the vmware machine to 'High Performance' in Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Power Options and the first impressions are a much more responsive keyboard. We'll wait and see...

That is very important "alwaysbusy", I put a SSD in a laptop, and I did not understand, why some times work so slow and other times so fast. transfer files in 3 MB instead 5000 MB. Yes 5000 MB now. SSD Samsung EVO has a cache feature, without it , only give the normal SSD 500 MB, with cache go up to 5 GB :eek: that is insane LoL :D

I discovered the Intel CPU i5-2520M have a special feature to control the heat and save battery, it was not enough put in win in High Performance mode for that Laptop. etc. :cool:

I downloaded ThrottleStop of TechPowerUP and put my laptop in the mode High Performance, I did my own adjust avoiding burn out the CPUs, the CPUs Specifications say can go to maximum 105 degree before auto shutdown, but I never cross the barrer of 90, usually work between 56 to 75 Celsius degree, when work with B4A, and now, my B4A project compile in 18 sec, before started to use ThorttleStop, only the process of optimized dex, can take too much time and switch to normal dex. easy 2 minutes or more to compile. endless :confused:

What I learned, some laptops have a special feature to try to save life battery and put the CPUs to work more slow to avoid heat and it is not enough to put High Performance in Windows. PS: ThorttleStop can burn out your CPUs, I am using Win 10, before Win 7 with the SSD.

If we are using a desktop PC , we will don't have the issues we have in the laptops with the heat control and power saving etc. o_O

PS: The "explorer" not IE , eat too much CPUs in Win10, I always needed to restart it to put my laptop to 0 or 1% to compile in 18 sec :eek: after I backup or copy files. the explorer start to do endless task and eat my CPUs to 30%. :mad:

Yes 5 GB file access :eek: and 18 sec to compile my actual project :D


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