Other B4A v9.90 has been released

jose luis gudino

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I've been looking at other apps on the market just out of curiosity, and trying to use any one of these allows you to understand that what happens to the erel apps is almost "magical"

Congratulations on this excellent work.


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Thank you Erel!!!
Why is this posting not listed in 'Android Questions -> Other'? I found it only by search for 'b4a 9.9'
Edit 13:36: Sorry, suddenly it appears in 'other'
Edit 23:36: again disappeared, now on page 2. Would it not be a help, if it stayed on top of all the postings?
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many many thanks for your effort!

I had a win7 32bit with B4A 8.00 with:
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_171\bin\javac.exe

I want to upgrade to v9.90
what to do:
1) just run the new B4A.exe
2) uninstall B4A first then run the new B4A.exe
3) something else?

Also, if i don't update java and use the 8u171 allready installed at the first installation of B4A 8.00 and also keep as is the Android SDK Command line tools
i will be ok to use the v.9.90 and publish for google play store ?

best wishes!


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Just run the new B4A.exe.

No need to update Java.

You do need to download an updated Android SDK + resources.