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Hello, I'm having problems getting the mac simulator to work (I use the latest version of xcode which I also use for visual studio and it works).

I followed the guide:

downloaded java sdk 8 on mac

downloaded the latest xcode version and performed the operations indicated

assigned fixed ip address to the mac

the test from windows gives me:

B4i build server
The build server is running.
Version: 8.0

Server time: 08:50:36

Mac SSL key
Invalid key !!!

SSL port: 51042

file h
a file
Downloaded b4i builder and started with terminal from mac

set to key.txt address manual: (my range is 1)

from b4i I enter IP in the configurations and save

when i start, at the end it tells me connect failure both if i enter in the ip address of the mac, and if i click on simulator

could you give me a hand? I am going crazy

a thousand thanks


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Can you post a screenshot of this dialog?
SOLVED! - I did it all over again and I didn't realize that the java.rar was not running correctly because I was using the folder under the root dekstop. once put under folder main, the java is started by pulling on the correct ip and it works!
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