iOS Question See the ios simulator window from a pc


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i'm trying to set up b4i with the local mac builder (physical mac running el captain 10.11.5).

Testing the server, i get "invalid ssl key" but the test app installs and runs fine, opening the simulator screen on the mac.
Problem is, that mac is in another room, and used often by someone else.

is there a way to get that simulator window on my local pc (without using remote desktop utilities), and, -possibly - have it to not pop up at all on the mac running xcode?

Or is my only alternative a local VM?
I dont own (yet) an iphone/ipad, so the hosted builder service is not an option for now...



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you can use applications like RealVNC to stream your Mac's screen to your PC,
without using remote desktop utilities
without such applications it's not possible.

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