Other B4J v6.50 BETA is available for download


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B4J v6.50 BETA is available for download: https://www.b4x.com/b4j/files/beta.exe

  • Debugger improvements and bug fixes.
  • Internal libraries updated:
    • jXUI v1.80
    • jBitmapCreator v4.0
    • jGameViewHelper v1.00
  • First version of the new physical engine library is included: XUI2D
  • BorderColor attribute added to the IDE theme files.
Note that due to internal changes in jXUI library, compiled libraries that are based on jXUI need to be recompiled.
The purpose of this change is to make it easier to use B4A XUI and B4J jXUI libraries from Java libraries.


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Even support for the "file://" scheme is already added to the IDE.

This allows access to any local files, tools or folders directly from relevant places in the code with [Ctl]+click.

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allows access to any local files

This feature turned out to be very useful after a few days.

Although it looks very harmless at first, it brings one from the current code area directly to the required location on the PC without having to execute a series of clicks.

From the point of view of productivity, this is a big plus.

However, while (A) and (C) work as expected, the scheme is not recognized for paths with spaces as in (B).

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