Android Example [B4X] AS CalendarAdvanced - Expand with xCLV

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This is a sample project to demonstrate how to expand or collapse the calendar and at the same time adjust a listview below it.

Make sure you have V2.07
Private Sub ASCalendarAdvanced1_HeightChanged(Height As Float)
'xpnl_main is a panel under the calendar with a xCLV in it
    'same top a the calendar height
    xpnl_main.Top = Height
    xpnl_main.Height = Root.Height - Height
    'height resize the xCLV
    If xclv_main.AsView <> Null And xclv_main.AsView.IsInitialized = True Then
        xclv_main.AsView.Height = xpnl_main.Height
    End If
End Sub


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