Android Tutorial [B4X] [B4XPages] Splash Screen


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B4A, B4i and B4J splash screen implementation. The implementation is different in each platform.

1. Don't miss the manifest editor code in B4A.
2. Don't use %y in the code. Use Root.Height instead (you can use %y in the designer script).



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Thank you so much for this great example!, is it possible if an example can be added for the default way (non-b4xpages), I understand if not possible.

Thanks again!


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is it possible if an example can be added for the default way (non-b4xpages)
Thank you it works great. But is there any way to make the splash screen transparent? I mean i want only to show a transparent png file only without any other background.


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Why does it have to be so complex and is a second Activity needed?

(I'm about to search on site how to have a full screen B4XPage, with "Immersive mode" too).
P.S. Setting #FullScreen = True - #IncludeTitle = False seems to show a "full screen B4XPage" (although I have to "remove" the rounded corners of Root some way, since: Root.SetColorAndBorder(Root.Color, 0, xui.Color_Transparent, 0)
it's not enough).
"Immersive mode"... I still have to try (I had problems with it even with non-B4XPages).
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