Android Example [B4X] B4XTable - Setting cell (default label) properties

EDIT: created a more comfortable library (b4xlib) based on this code, B4XTblClmUtils:

    Public Const XCLMN_PROP_TEXTSIZE As String = "TextSize"
    Public Const XCLMN_PROP_TEXTCOLOR As String = "TextColor"    'XUI colors
    Public Const XCLMN_PROP_FONT As String = "Font"                    'B4XFont
    Public Const XCLMN_PROP_PADDING As String = "Padding"            'B4A only.
    Public Const XCLMN_PROP_COLORANDBORDER As String = "ColorAndBorder"
       Public Const CAB_BGCOLOR As String = "BGC"
       Public Const CAB_BWIDTH As String = "BW"
       Public Const CAB_BCOLOR As String = "BC"
       Public Const CAB_BCRADIUS As String = "BCR"

B4XTable1.MaximumRowsPerPage = 10

Dim mapProps As Map

Dim xFnt As B4XFont
xFnt = xui.CreateFont(fx.LoadFont(File.DirAssets, "FontFileNameHere", 16), 16)
mapProps.Put(XCLMN_PROP_FONT, xFnt)
mapProps.Put(XCLMN_PROP_TEXTSIZE, 20) ' This is an example; fnt text size previously "set" to 16!
mapProps.Put(XCLMN_PROP_TEXTCOLOR, xui.Color_Blue)
mapProps.Put(XCLMN_PROP_COLORANDBORDER, CreateMap(CAB_BGCOLOR:xui.Color_LightGray))

SetColumnCellProps(B4XTable1, 0, mapProps)

' Note:
' 1 - you should first set BuildLayoutsCache, like:
'    B4XTable1.MaximumRowsPerPage = 10
'    B4XTable1.BuildLayoutsCache(B4XTable1.MaximumRowsPerPage)
' 2 - for XCLMN_PROP_COLORANDBORDER, pass a map with BAC_ constants as keys:
'    SetColumnCellProps(B4XTable1, 0, CreateMap(CAB_BGCOLOR:xui.Color_LightGray))
Sub SetColumnCellProps(xTable As B4XTable, ColumnIndex As Int, Properties As Map)
    Dim xColumn As B4XTableColumn = xTable.Columns.Get(ColumnIndex)
    For i = 1 To xColumn.CellsLayouts.Size - 1
        Dim pnl As B4XView = xColumn.CellsLayouts.Get(i)
        Dim lbl As Label = pnl.GetView(0)
        Dim xLbl As B4XView = lbl
        ' Here set the lbl properties.
        Dim PropName As String
        Dim PropValue As Object
        For Each PropName As String In Properties.Keys
            PropValue = Properties.Get(PropName)
            Select PropName
                Case XCLMN_PROP_TEXTSIZE
                    lbl.TextSize = PropValue
                Case XCLMN_PROP_FONT
                    xLbl.Font = PropValue
                Case XCLMN_PROP_TEXTCOLOR
                    xLbl.TextColor = PropValue
                Case XCLMN_PROP_PADDING
                    #If B4A
                        lbl.Padding = PropValue
                    #End If
                    Dim mCAB As Map = PropValue
                    xLbl.SetColorAndBorder(mCAB.GetDefault(CAB_BGCOLOR, xui.Color_White), _
                                           mCAB.GetDefault(CAB_BWIDTH, 1), _
                                           mCAB.GetDefault(CAB_BCOLOR, xui.Color_Black), _
                                           mCAB.GetDefault(CAB_BCRADIUS, 0))
            End Select
End Sub
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Tip: never use Map.GetKeyAt / GetValueAt.
You are right (as always), I knew and... was too tired to think on "how" šŸ˜³šŸ™ƒ (done, changed).

1 - maybe this not the right place for that code, "Code Snippets" should be better;
2 - a simple class with methods like "SetFont", "SetTextSize" (or properties?) would better, like "B4XColumnUtils"